Aral regional Local History Museum was founded on 25 June 1988. According to the hard work of the staff of the museum, they were able to collect a large number of exhibits which tell the regional history. To date, the museum has about 8000 exhibits; most of them exhibit in the museum's display.

The museum consists of six themed rooms; each of them is specially decorated and reflects a certain period or direction of history of the Aral Sea.

Honored worker of culture Zhasekenov Kudaibergen was first director and founder and of the Aral regional museum. Today the following the symbolic continuity of generation's museum is managed by his son Zhasekenov Madi Kudaibergenovich. He was appointed to current position on 30 March, 2004.

Visitors of the museum pass through halls and are acquainted with the history of the region by collected unique documents and artifacts. As mentioned above, the museum consists of six rooms:

Hall of Fame labor workers of Aral and Aral Sea talks about the recent past of the region, when he washed by the waters of the Aral Sea. Here visitor can see exhibits, which related to shipping, port, fishing, also the salt industry and animal husbandry in Aral region. There are presented a number of historical documents, such as a Lenin's letter to Aral fishermen which was written in 1921. There are materials on the 16 Heroes of Socialist Labor of the Aral region.

Diorama of forgotten Civil War battle, which took place in this region on August and September, 1919, – Aral arc is presented in a separate room.

The hall of nature of the Aral region presents unique exhibits, including fossilized shells, clams, corals, raised from the bottom of the Aral Sea, and the petrified trees and the bones of ancient animals. Stuffed animals and fish that once lived in the Aral Sea, unfortunately many species of fish and birds have disappeared from our land because of the drying up of the Aral Sea.

Hall of History and Studies contains archaeological findings, vintage clothing and women's jewelry which made of silver, fragments of household of Kazakhs.

The hall of literature and art presents stands devoted to folk singers – akyn - zhyrau Nurtugan Kenzhegululy and his followers such as Zeinolla Shukurov, Abdizhamil Nurpeysov, Saylaubay Zhubatyrov, and stands which devoted to fiction writer Abdulkhamit Marhabaev, poets Shomishbay Sariev and Zharaskhan Abdrashev, National Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kudaibergenov, Sultanbaeva and other materials.

A separate room is devoted to Kazakhstan's Independence. There are stands, which dedicated to the centennial of Aral. The annual exhibitions of local artists and artisans are provided in the Exhibition Hall, for example, works of artists and jewelers K. Kulmambetova and B.Bukeshova, who are member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan

Despite a small size, the Aral Regional Local Historical Museum has collection of unique items, which gives the right to be one of the most interesting regional museums of Kazakhstan.

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