Address:Taraz, BekturganovStreet 3. Tel.: 8(7262) 43-08-26, 43-32-40

The reservation-museum «Monuments of ancient Taraz» was opened according to the Decree No.256 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on March 24, 1998. The main activity of the reservation-museum is study, popularization, protection and control over restoration works at the units of historical-cultural heritage.

There are historical monuments of Zhambyl region in the museum. This region has a rich and long life. Most of evidences of key stages of historical development – sites of ancient people, sanctuaries with petroglyphs and stone sculptures, nomads' burial grounds and barrows, towns and settlements of middle age, monuments of Auliyeata period were kept here. Thereare 110 monuments of history and culture in the reservation-museum«Monuments of ancientTaraz», 28 of them have republican status which were raised in different historical periods starting from the stone age and up to now and situated on town boundaries and in the territory of the region. There are famous and popular units with tourists such as the ancient settlement Taraz, Aisha bibi mausoleum, BabadzhaHatun mausoleum, Karachan mausoleum, Dautbek mausoleum, a mystery complex Akyrtas and Tekturmas Mausoleum.

A big work was done and a particular experience in protection, restoration and popularization monuments was gathered during the existence of the reservation museum. Infrastructure for development historical tourism is founded within the national strategic program «Cultural heritage» and within the program «Revival of historical centers on the Great Silk road, keeping and successive development of cultural heritage of historical tourism». Startingfrom 2002 restoration works were done in 15 objects of historical-cultural heritage of republican status.

The monument of Aulie-Ata period in Taraz which was House of officers (Bekturganov Street 3), built in 1900 was restored in 2013.

Archeological works which were started in different years are in progress in ancient settlements of the middle ages: Taraz, Kulan and Ornek (T. Ryskulov district), Balasagun (AktobeSpepninskoye, Shu district), Tuimekent (Baizak district).

Somonuments – townsofmiddleages, caravan-sarais, mausoleums and mosques become more popular and are visited by tourist from different countries and residents of different regions and towns of our republic. Revealing and study works of unknown for public at large historical artifacts go on.

The reservation-museum also goes in for scientific activity, publishes scientific literature, brochures, guide-books, booklets. 3 volumebookcalled «MonumentsofancientTaraz», separate booklets devoted to every unit were published. Workers of the museum publish scientific articles in republican, regional and local newspapers and magazines.

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Memorial museum of Baurzhan Momyshuly

Memorial museum of Baurzhan Momyshuly is located in Zhualinsk district, Aksai region, the village Kairat, Abay street 1 “b”. The construction of the museum began in 1990. Solemn opening of the museum was held on May 5 of 1995 and it became available to be visited.

House-museum of the academician K.I. Skryabin

The names of many really and truly great scientists are connected with Taraz: Kashgari, Dulati, Balasaguni, Said al-Tarazi, and the academician Skryabin can be placed in line with these pillars of science of the East Middle Ages.