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Eastern Kazakhstan regional museum of fine arts named after Nevzorov's family is one of the richest collections of art values in Kazakhstan. The museum was opened in 1985. It was established on the basis of scientific and art department of the Historical and regional museum. The collection was situated in the architectural monument – the house of Stepanov, merchant. This building was erected by Fyodor Stepanov, well-known local merchant of the First guild, in the 70s of 19th century.

The fund of the museum consists of 5 000 art works. Considerable part of the collection is made of well-known collection of Nevzorov's family. In 1988 Nevzorov's family (Yuri Vladimiroch, his wife anna Mikhailovna and daughter Yulia Yulievna) donated the museum 569 items of Russian, Soviet and foreign arts. Big collection of Russian pictorial arts and graphics of the end of 18th and the beginning of 20th century were displayed in 15 cities of the Soviet Union. Yuli Nevzorov inherited from his father and grand father. He also added, researched and systemized them.

Works of art reflect the development of Russian pictorial arts starting with academic schools and ending with the masters of the Union of Russian artists. The exposition of the museum displays works of such famous masters of landscape painting were I.Shishkin, F.Vasilyev, A.Kuindzhi, A.Kiselev, I.Levitan, K.Korovin, Orlovskyi, T.Dvornikov, M.Aladzhanov, I.Ostroukhov, S.Zhukovshyi, Semyon Shedrin, Mikhail Ivanov, A.Alekseev, Sylvester shedrin, M.Lyebedev, A.Savrasov. The works of K.Briullov, V.Tropinin, A.Venecianov, a.Mokrovickyi, E.Krendovskyi, I.Khrutski, I.Kramovskyi, N.Ge, V.Maovskyi, N.Bogdanov-Belskyi attract visitors attention. The Soviet art also displayed in the exhibition with works of P.Pyetrovich, O.Pyetrovskyi, V.Pchelin, M.Shemyakina, V.Lebedeva, F.Konstantinov, N.Kanyus, V.Osipov.

Due to such present for the town in 1991 the museum was named after Nevzorov's family. Yulii Nevzorov was awarded with “Parasat" (“Wisdom") medal for big contribution in the development of the culture in Kazakhstan.

In addition of the Russian arts the museum displays works of foreign arts. The painting and engravings of Dutch, English and French masters if 17th-19th centuries were acquired in private collections as well as were donated by the State museum of pictorial arts named after A.S.Pushkin.

The collection of Kazakhstani arts were collected from the time of the museum's opening. As a result of attending by leading masters in 80s-90s the museum acquired many works of Kazakhstani artists. The exhibition represented works of A.Kasteev, S.Kalmykov, L.Leontev, A.Cherkasskoy, A.Galymbayev, E.Sidorkin, P.Zalsman, G.Ismailova, S.Mambeev, Zh.Shardenov. More modern works of the twentieth century “Kazakhstani version of austere style" were presented by the works of A.Sydykhanov, А.Akanayev, S.Aytbayev, Т.Тоgisbayev. The artists of the 70s-80s are continuing the tradition of Kazakhstani pictorial arts: such as Е.Tulepbayev, D.Aliev, B.Tyulkiev, S.Maslov, A.Esdauletov, B.Bapishev. The exposition hall was gradually filled with the works of these masters. The works of young contemporary artists joined to them and in present days the collection of Kazakhstani fine art includes more than 2000 depositary items.

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Eastern Kazakhstan regional museum of fine arts named after the Nevzorov’s family

Eastern Kazakhstan Regional Museum of Art.

East Kazakhstan regional museum of art is opened on 1 July 1990. It is situated in the building which was the architectural monument of the late nineteenth century.

East Kazakhstan regional architectural-ethnographic natural landscape museum-reserve

East Kazakhstan regional architectural and ethnographic Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve is a truly unique cultural and scientific institution not only within the borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan but also the entire post-Soviet space.