Ungurtas means “cave stone” in Kazakh language. «The centre of the universe» is the name of it in people. Ungurtas is a mountain with a powerful source of energy. According to one of the legends, the place is related to the legendary sufi Khoja Akhmet Yassawi. In the age of 63 he started searching calm place felling forthoming end of his life. The ideal pace was the Ungurtas where sheik Akhmed Yassawi spent the rest of his life in an underground cell.

The place where the monastery stood is called Aydarly Aidakhar ata. The name is related to muthical person Aidakhar ata. This place was opened in December 1999 by Bifatima Dauletova who is considered as a modern dervish. She is a guardian of this place nowadays. She lives not far from it, receives pilgrims and conducts remedy rituals with animal blood.

The Ungurtas is also called as the “mountain of wit”. There is a stone standing on the slopes of the mountain calling pilgrims to lean and pray before ascending. There is a stone near it with the print of the prophet. There are many stones and caves on the mountain that have energetic capable of healing various illnesses. For example, the cave named “The wing of the dragon”. There is a through hole with invisible membrane in western part of the mountain. It’s widely considered that the walking through it helps to cleanup. There are caves that can heal spiritual sickness, the caves for artistic people, the stone capable of healing sterility. According to stories of visitors, every cave of Ungurtas represents a unique place with peculiar energetic and characteristic healing qualities. Regular visitors know healing ability of each hole.

The key point in ascending the hill is a stele with the inscription “Aidarli Aidakhar Ata”. It’s a legendary “The center of the universe”, the place where energy with diameter of 8 meters released from earth rushes to space. In the place where stone energy goes from earth, near it energy comes from space to earth. These places give a powerful charge of energy and restore immune system, strengthen one’s energy field healing from diseases.

In March of 2000 Ungurtas was explored by famous academician Bronnikov, a founder of theory of bioenergetics in USSR. With help of various methods and equipment he could capture very powerful energy emission from earth.

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