Syrymbet Historical-Ethnographic Museum named after Sh.Ualikhanov is located in Syrymbet village, Aiyrtau distict. The museum complex includes a museum of Sh.Ualikhanov. The total area is 1663 square meters. It was an eminent ancestral building of the scientist. It is situated from 4 km southeast of Syrymbet village, and area is more than 4030 square meters.

The estate was built for the widow of khan Uali – Aiganym, who was a grandmother of Shokan Ualikhanov. He was a great Kazakh scholar, historian, ethnographer, folklorist, traveler and educator. The mansion of Aiganym was built in the XIX century by personal decree of Emperor Alexander I on 30 April 1824 and by order of the General Governor of the Western Siberia P.Kaptsevich. It consisted of a house with a living room, schools, mosques, mills, and dwelling house for servants, saunas and outbuildings.

Unfortunately, the mansion was practically abandoned after 1917, and subsequently it was collapsed from disrepair and was demolished. Only in 1991, the reconstruction and restoration works of "Syrymbet" mansion was done due to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Shokan Ualikhanov. Syrymbet Historical-Ethnographic Museum of Shokan Ualihanov was included to the complex in 1993.

According to the framework of the state program "Cultural heritage", restoration works were done in Syrymbet, 2008-2010. The work was conducted by the West Kazakhstan branch of the State Enterprise "Kazrestavratsiya", during which was renovated a house and a mosque of the estate. In addition, wooden fences and gates around the estate were replaced, and wooden planed building was replaced in two layers, and doors and shutters were replaced.

Estate "Syrymbet", which is located in a picturesque location at the foot of the mountain, is not only a magnificent monument of architecture, but also one of the most beautiful cultural settlements. Visitors enter into the atmosphere of the past by wandering through exposition halls. Here are many unique artifacts of that period including a marching chest of Shokan Ualikhanov and copy of the portrait of his grandmother Aiganym, which was performed personally by a great scientist. Employees of the estate are constantly working on the completion of the fund.

Syrymbet historical and ethnographic museum of Sh.Ualihanov is located 4 km away from the estate in Syrymbet village. The museum is located in a spacious one-story building. At the beginning of the XX century, a school was housed here, in which studied well-known public figures as Erkin Auelbekov, Shota Ualikhanov and others.

The building has been serving as a museum for a long time. Here, visitors can see many unique items related to generations of Ualihanov family. Everyday life objects and arts of crafts of that period are presented in the exposition of the museum.

The exhibits deserve a special mention, which related to the history of the family Sh.Ualikhanov: family tree, a portrait of the Great Khan Abylay, genuine ivory chest. Scientific works of Kazakh ethnographer Shokan Ualihanov occupy a separate stand. It presents his manuscripts, books and numerous papers. The diorama "Map the journey to Kashgar in 1858-1859" attracts visitors’ attention. The museum has a separate room, which is dedicated to the present; here exhibited photographs of labor heroes and prominent figures in the region, the state symbols of sovereign Kazakhstan.

Now, the museum has a collection of more than 6900 items, 1,300 of which are presented in the halls. The work of museum staff aims to collect the scientific literature, articles and other evidence materials about the life and activity of Shokan Ualihanov, his relatives and associates, and to report this valuable historical information through the exposure and exhibitions.

Annually, the museum provides literary readings, delivers lectures, which related to the life and scientific works of Shokan Ualihanov. In recent years, topics of the lectures are: "Shokan (Muhammad-Hanafiya) Valihanov", "Shokan Ualikhanov in St. Petersburg among Russian".

Syrymbet Historical-Ethnographic Museum named after Shokan Ualihanov was recognized as the best in the framework of the regional contest, which was held on the eve of the International day of museums in Petropavlovsk, 2013.

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