Two ancient buildings (dyns), with spherical form and made from wild stone, are located in Amangeldi district, Kostanay region, in the valley near the village Ekidin (Sarytorgay).

Estimated date of this historical facility is early Iron Age. According to some scientists, initially they had a sacred and ceremonial purpose.

This historical monument has a general name Ekidin (two dyns). It consists of two objects at different hills and has relatively large distance from each other.

Ekidin I is located on the left bank of the river Kara - Turgay, from 0.73 km the river and 1.5 km. to the north - west of wintering Beisen in the administrative territory under jurisdiction of Arkalyk Mayor's Office.

Burial mounds were built of stone and earth. The diameter of the mound №1 is 15m, height - 0.7m. There is a trench around the mound with width of 5m; depth is 0.3 m. Moat covers mound completely. There is a passage with width of about 0.15 m from the south - east side.

Ekidyn II is a visible landmark, which is located on higher ground. Yurt-shaped structure was built of stone - limestone, diameter is 6 m. Total height is 3,8 m. Orientation entrance - east.

According to local legends, there was a bloody battle in the XVII - XVIII centuries in the valley between the hills, where were dyns. There were placed bets feuding warlords birth. Valley and hills, on which placed dyns, considered as a sacred, full of mysteries and secrets place among the local population.

It is curious that scientists have their own version about these ancient buildings. It was widely used in the 9-11 centuries AD, and served as an observation tower for Kazakh sarbazs (soliders).

The famous Kazakh scientist, academician A.H. Margulan described the dyns: "The real gem of natural resources and historical monuments is an ancient Ekidin. Dyns, two ancient buildings with spherical forms and made of wild stone, refer to pre-Islamic times and gave the name to the auyl (village). These buildings are rare in Kazakhstan and known as "Ytas "or "Dyng". They were built in the form of ancient Kazakh dwelling "shoshaly" and might have a ritual significance. Estimated date is early Iron Age".

The upper part of the dyn was crowned skillfully made hole. It served as the flue pipe. Deputy Director of Arkalyk Museum "History of the steppe" Ashat Kassenov states: "In those days, Kazakh soldiers saw enemies, and immediately warned people in order to save them from death. They did "Dyn" with such aims, and inside it was stoked the fire. Smoke could be seen from a distance by population. Thus, the warning of danger was served".

- Perhaps, he continues, such dyns were built larger. Old residents of nearby villages told it. But today, only two of them survived. As A.Kasenov mentioned - dyns are still in a good condition, investigators specifically experienced and tested it.

Partially destroyed dyns were reconstracted by the collected funds of local population in the 80 years of the twentieth century.

Ekidyn building is on the list of historical and cultural heritage of Kostanay region, and it is a popular tourist attraction.

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