North Kazakhstan regional Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre named after Sabit Mukanov was founded in 2000 under the direct support of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. During opening ceremony of the Kazakh Drama Theater in Petropavlovsk, the director Orazaly Akzharkyn-Sarsenbek and graduates from the National Academy of Arts of T.Zhurgenov gave initiative speech. The President of our country supported this initiative, and the Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre opened doors to public in 2000.

Opening Youth Theater coincided with the 100th anniversary of the great writer Sabit Mukanov, in connection with this date the theatre was named - North Kazakhstan Regional Music and Drama Theatre named after S.Mukanov. It is symbolic that the career of a new theatre began with the premiere performance of “Flashed meteor” by S.Mukanov.

Many famous directors and actors attended on productions of theatre in a short period: Honored Artist of Russia and Kazakhstan Boris Preobrazhensky, Honored worker of RK M.Ospanov, Honored worker of Kazakhstan and winner of the award "Tarlan" Zh.Hadzhiev and others.

The staff of the theatre puts all the creative forces on each performance. Thousands of audiences appreciate and love it. Even it is difficult to buy tickets for the premiere. The theater's repertoire has more than fifty performances including "White Cloud of Genghis Khan" by Ch.Aitmatov, "Enlіk-Kebek" by M.Auezov, "Criminal Case" by M. Baizhiev, "Batyr Bayan" by M. Zhumabaev, "Kysylgannan kyz boldyk" by S.Zhunusov, "Zhau zhurek" by D. Isabekov, "Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu" by G.Musrepov, "Lonely apple tree" by A. Orazbekov, "Taxi dreams" by S.Smataev and T. Temenov, "Oh, these newlyweds!" by M.Hasenova, and performances of works by foreign playwrights - "Your Majesty" by S. Wannous, "The Servant of Two Masters" by K.Goldoni, "Sell husband" by M. Zadornov and "Zone" by A.Kiria etc.

Despite his young age, the theatre has already made great success. There are many awards and medals for participation at international and national theatre festivals. Performance "Criminal case" by M.Baizhiev won the Grand Prix at the IX Republican festival of theaters (Petropavlovsk, 2001). Actress N. Magavina was awarded in the nomination "Best Bayan", and actor B. Zhalgasbay was awarded in nomination "The Best Kozy" in the play "Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu" on the XX national festival, which was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of G.Musrepov (Petropavlovsk, 2002). The performance "Shyn basynda", which is based on the play "Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu" was added to the ten best performances and was awarded by Honorary Diploma at the XV International festival "Experimental theatre" (Cairo, Egypt, 2003).

Director Akzharkyn-Sarsenbek was awarded in the nomination "Best Director" for the performance of "Dolls, or Evening of jealous women" by M. Gapparova at the XII Republican Festival (Kostanay, 2004). The theatre actress N. Magavina was the winner in the nomination "Best Actress" for performance on the play "Carmen" by P. Merimee at the XII Festival of Creative Youth "Shabyt" (Astana, 2004). Theatre’s actor E. Chukirov won the nomination "Best Actor" in the play "Keeper of the rest" by D. Isabekov at the XIII Republican Festival (Kyzylorda, 2005). Actor of the theatre, head of the literary section B. Mamytbekov was awarded the Grand Prix at the Republican contest of oratory "Kaneki, tilim, soyleshi" (Shymkent, 2010). A special prize at the International Theatre Festival of modern drama «Christmas carol –Plays (Ekaterinburg, Russia) was given for the play «Down-Way».

Today, Honored of the title "Madeniet kairatkeri" ("cultural figures") K. Kasymov heads the Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre named after S.Mukanov. Artistic director is honored of the title "Madeniet kairatkeri" ("cultural figures") B. Zhalgasbay, chief director - B. Abdrahmanov, chief artist - G. Kozhakhmetova.

Honored owners of the title "Madeniet kairatkeri" (cultural figures) - Sh Aytibaeva, K. Akzholova, M. Akzholov, B. Zhalgasbaev, B. Mamytbekov, N. Sarsebaev, A. Supataeva and B. Shambetov work at the troupe of the theatre.

A dance group "Alua" and chamber orchestra is established in the theatre. Choreographic troupe led by chief choreographer Zh. Temerbaeva. Conductor band of musicians is Honored of the title "Madeniet kairatkeri" S. Imashbaev.

Modern repertoire has performances such as "Baluan Sholak" by D. Isabekov, "Bes boydakka bіr toy" by T. Nurmagambetova, "Zhaksy kіsі" by A. Tarazi. For children fairy tales - "Auga ushkan Tukbіlmes" by U. Leyes, «Down-Way» by O. Bogaev, children's fairy tale for adults and adult fairy tale for children "Air-Balalyk", "Dead End" by T. Dzhyudzhenoglu, play "Elim-ai" by S. Zhunіsova, which was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Iron Lady" by Sh Bashbekov.

North Kazakhstan regional Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre named after Sabit Mukanov is looking for new creation, which open a new time. Young theatre grows and develops every year. Each stage is the beginning of new achievements, initiatives, and for the actors-time for creative searches.

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"Residence of Abylay Khan" historical-memorial complex

The decision to open the memorial complex was accepted in 2005 by initiation of the Head of the North Kazakhstan region, and with support of the President of Kazakhstan. Nursultan Nazarbayev familiarized with archival and historical materials, and then he noted that the restoration of this historic building would be an important event in the conservation and study of the cultural heritage.

Monumentto Abay and Pushkin

Monument to Abay and Pushkin is one of great examples of modern sculpture. It symbolized the century-old friendship between Russians and Kazakhs. The monument was set on December 16, 2006 in honor of Abay’s year and Pushkin’s year in Kazakhstan in the center of Petropavlosk in North-Kazakhstan region.