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The North-Kazakhstan regional museum of history and local history was founded in 1924. The museum was supplemented thanks to expeditions, towndwellers. The fund of the museum permanently grew and a big number of pictures and sculptures were being collected and fine arts section was opened in 1951.In 1970 the museum moved to a new building. Now it is situated in the building complex which is monument of the architecture of the end of XIX century. The main building belonged to a merchant T. L. Arkel, the administrational part of the museum; storage ponds and the library are situated in the former shop and stores of a merchant Strelov.
Theareaofthemuseum is about 2400 square meters; a size of the exposition is more than 350 thousand pieces. They are situated in 13 halls of the museum devoted to different periods of history in the region starting from ancient times and up to now.

The exposition is usually started from the hall of nature of North-Kazakhstan region. There are pictorial dioramas showing different landscapes of the region.Besides that there are palaenthological findings, collections of animals, birds and plants among pieces.

Hall of archeology has pieces collected in 1967 by the museum workers G.Zdanovich and S. Zdanovich in the course of North-Kazakhstan archeological expedition.More than 600 archeological monuments dating from different historical epochs were opened and partly studied during expeditions. There are pieces from stone, bronze and iron centuries in the hall. Among them are materials devoted to a unique and world-famous settlement Botay dating from the late Stone Age such as the diorama of Botay settlement, different tools from stone and bones.
«Formation of Kazakh statehood» hall presents portraits of outstanding historical people of that time – founders of Kazakh khanate Zhanibek, Kerey,the founder of laws Tauke khan, famous Kazakh is – Tole bi, Kazybek bi and Aiteke bi. Materials showing the period of life and ruling of Abylaikhan take a special place.
The section of socialistic period shows key events about history of the region in XX century such as revolutions, civil war, collectivization, peasants' revolts of the 20s, cruel repressions. The exposition devoted to the Great Patriotic war says about war feats of people from North Kazakhstan, selfless work of rear workers. Special place is taken by the showing of battle way of 314th infantry division formed in the region.

Important place in the museum is taken by the exposition reflecting development of Kazakhstan in the years of the independence. Four halls are devoted to this period: «Kazakhstan in the years of the independence»,« North-Kazakhstan region in the years of the independence», « Relations between Kazakhstan and Russia » and « Hall of the First President of Kazakhstan». Documents and photomaterials, showing dynamic development of economics, democratization of the society, international relations,are presented in the halls. Big attention in the separate hall was paid to relations between Kazakhstan and Russia and collaboration of North-Kazakhstan region with frontier regions of Russia. The hall of the First President has information about N. A. Nazarbayev's family, his school years and study in technical school in Dneprodzerzhinsk, the beginning of the labor activity in Karaganda metallurgical complex, Temirtaupublic-political activity starting from a secretary of Temirtau municipal committee Komsomol to the leader of the country. ThereareN. Nazarbayev's family tree, furnace worker's special clothes, works of the Head of the state, portrait of the President painted by a local artist A. Shymov.

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Memorialny Museum of M.Mametova

The memorial house-museum of the Hero of the Soviet Union Manshuk Mametova has been acting more than 30 years in the West Kazakhstan region. It has become a center of perpetuating the memory of the heroic countrywoman and a place of patriotic education for youth. 

Memorial Museum of I. Shukhov

There is a museum in a small and very picturesque village Presnovka of the Zhambyl district, North-Kazakhstan region. Lovers of literature from all over Kazakhstan and neighboring countries frequently visit it. Memorial museum of the famous writer, translator and journalist Ivan Petrovich Shukhov has become a cultural and literal landmark of whole the North Kazakhstan region.