"Park of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (Dendrapark) was opened on July 2010, but creation work of the unique park began in 2001. One of the first trees in the park (oak) was planted personally by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2001, when he participated in creation of the park. .

Today, the total area of the park is 73 hectares. During the creation work, since 2001, there were executed breakdown of basic planning elements - alleys, boulevards, arboretums sites, and planting works of green space according to arboretum plan. In honor of Almaty participation in the Olympic torch in the framework of the "Beijing 2008", over a hundred registered birches and firs were planted in 2011, and planting of 100 Tien-Shan spruces.

The main idea of the creation the park is a combination of the unique natural landscape of Almaty and scientific achievements of the twentieth century. In developing the arboretum plan, there were taken principles of green spaces system, including a set of natural (topography, vegetation, water) and artificial (architectural and engineering structures) components that organized to create the most favorable conditions for the rest of the population.

The main entrance to the park is located at the corner of Al-Farabi Avenue and Dulati Street. It emphasizes with the semicircular arcade - the main construction of the input group. Architectural and compositional decision of entrance to the park is based on a combination of decorative colonnade that made at the top mark and semi-underground room of public and industrial purposes, which plays the role of the colonnade, located on the ground level.

The main fountain of the Park of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan began work on 1 July 2010, which presents a multi-stage cascade of water attractions. The south side of the fountain group begins with six ponds of cascading water jets. The fountain consists of five round bowls that has different diameters of 13,5m; 37m; 48m; 53m. In the center of the fountain is architectural group in the form of a crown, which is surrounded by medallions with the signs of the "Zodiac". In the center of the crown main jet fountain has a diameter of 70 mm and reaches a height up to 30m. Signs of the Zodiac crowned 12 geyser jets with heights of 3 meters.

Cascades of inner and outer jets arise from the first and second bowls, and each has 82 nozzles. 12-hemispheres are set in the third bowl. The fourth bowl has 10 set nozzles "hourglass", which represent openwork weave jets as two connected cones. In the last, fifth bowl has 16 fountains "Inclined Rings".

Around the main fountain bowls are separate rings as fountain-geysers. The inner ring is consisted of 71 fountains as "Geyser", and the outer ring has 16 fountains. Total number of nozzles of the main fountain is 302.

The work program of the fountain is directed by computer, and it changes work times among: stationary (classical) and music-light water show that is performed every hour in the darkness. Capacity of the largest fountain in Almaty is 2820 cube meters. The fountain pump consists of 8 groups that provide playing work of fountains, lamps and others. The fountain work is accompanied by musical and color choices.

The decorative panel "Kazakhstan" is located over the main fountain, which was opened on 11 November 2011. It was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of independence. The monument was made in the form of a golden eagle from bronze, granite and marble. In the center of the monument is a figure of the First President, and on the wings of the eagle are symbols of Almaty and Astana. The monument shows images of significant architectural and historical objects of Kazakhstan.

Improvement the territory of the park continues. The General Plan includes the construction of the complex of aquatic plants on the territory of 9.5 ha and the mountain range on the territory of 4.8 ha. In the southern part of the park will be designed landscape composition of a mountain lake and artificial bulk mountains up to 24 m. Individual sections of artificial water sources are provided with rivulets in the mountainous part. In the central part of the park will be built Klimatron - indoor facilities, where will be represented the flora of the southern and northern hemispheres.

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