The monument of the poet S.Toraigyrov is located at the corner of streets Torajgyrov and Satpaev in the centre of Pavlodar. Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov - Kazakh poet-democrat, son of Bayanaul region. He lived a short life, and left a bright trace in the Kazakh literature.

Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov was born on 28 October 1893 in Kyzyl-Tauskom area of Kokshetau region, in the family of herder. Childhood of Sultanmakhmut was bleak.

He knew the bitterness of heavy, half-starved life of deprivation from childhood. Studying was butted with difficult to him. Initially, the boy learned to literacy at home by the help of his father. Then a few years (1902-1907) from aul molda (village muslim).

Sultanmakhmut studied at theological school-madrassa from 1908 to 1910 in Bayanaul. Inquisitive and hardworking boy showed an extraordinary persistence and perseverance to achieve his goals. Without means of livelihood, he had to do all hard works of moldas, in which family he lived.

Sultanmakhmut came to Troitsk at the end of 1912 year in order to continue studying. He decided to learn the Russian language and read in Russian, to study sciences as history and geography. He entered to the theological school in Troitsk. He studied the works of Abay, acquainted with the works of Pushkin, Lermontov, Krylov in the translations of the great educator. After few years, he had perfectly learned the Russian language and read the works of Russian writers and poets in original form.

Sultanmakhmut had to leave studying on July 1913. Hardship and hunger destroyed his health - he was ill with tuberculosis and went to his village, where he taught children.

A passionate desire to study tormented him, and he was back to Troitsk, where he became one of the leading members of the well-known progressive magazine "Aikap". Sultanmakhmut published as a poet, writer and essayist on the pages of this magazine.

In these years, a prominent position was occupied by his works, in which he called the youth to knowledge, science, and acted as a promoter of culture and art.

The poet criticized barbarism and backwardness, encouraged people to enlightenment in his poem such as "What is the purpose of learning?", "Student’s thoughts (Duma)" and story "Sadness".

Sultanmakhmut wrote a novel "Qamar sulu" in 1914, one of the most important works of the entire Kazakh literature of pre-revolutionary period.

He went to Semipalatinsk in order to be close to people after the February Revolution in 1917.

He was happy as other all intellectuals of Kazakh society of that time.

"I want to be the sun, which would dispel the darkness over the head of my people". Toraigyrov contacted with members of Alash-orda, and published articles in their newspaper "Sary Arka". By catching ideas of "Alash" leaders, he admired them in his poems. His health was deteriorating, and Sultanmakhmut came back to Bayanaul in the summer of 1918.

Sultanmakhmut’s last unfinished poem was "Aitys" with the subtitle "Competition among akyns of city and steppe". In the form of a dialogue, the poet wanted to show the break-up of previous old rite lifestyle.

S. Toraigyrov lived short, but a very bright and creative life. He died from tuberculosis at the age of 26.

Monument to the poet was established on 25 October, 2000. It was made of bronze and the pedestal from red and black granite.

More than four tons of bronze were spent in the manufacture of the monument.

The monument presents a bronze figure of the poet, which is standing near pine. S. Toraigyrov was presented as a lyric and romantic poet, which always showed characteristics of youth. Elements of tragedy complement pedestal solutions - a combination of red and gray granite and two small architectural forms, in the form of pyramids. Pyramid symbolizes that if the poet lived a long life, he would have reached a great height in the Kazakh literature. The author of the sculpture is the Honored Artist of Art - Eskhan Sergebaev.

A multi-ton monument of Sultanmakhmut Torajgyrov was moved from one side of the street to the other on 14 December 2009. This grand work has been done with jewelry accuracy. Distance from the old place to the new pedestal is about 150 meters.

The Head of Pavlodar made the decision to move the monument, because it has a prime location in a new place. The old place of the monument was merged with houses in the back. Now the monument stands alone, and park and fountains surround it.

Memorial of Sultanmakhmut Torajgyrov became a true jewel of Pavlodar, and national important monument.

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