There are many legends and stories about Korkyt in Kazakh steppe since ancient times. Korkyt was the legendary Turkish lyricist and composer of the IX century. He was a native of the Syrdarya River steppe. In fact, he had a multi-faceted personality; he was akyn (poet), storyteller, composer and a great musician, creator of the kobyz.

Stories about this great man were found in history of Kipchak Turkic people (Kazakh, Karakalpak) and the southern Oguz branch (Turkmen, Azerbaijan and Turks). All of them practically have the common folk epic "Oguz-name."

"Book of grandfather Korkyt" is a written epic monument of the Turkic people. Each tale has own story and Korkyt Ata represented as a main character - sage, a tribal leader and fortune-teller.

Great importance was given to the development of Kazakh musical and poetic art by Korkyt-Ata, which was recognized by all national scientists.

Great Kazakh ethnographer Shokan Valihanov wrote about Korkyt on his lines: "He was the first who played on kobyz and he was the first bucsy. Legend of Korkyt is deeply optimistic; the meaning is about how Korkyt found immortality in the service of humanity by creation of the art."

"Running of Korkyt from death, a rebellion against death was not the effect of self-preservation and saving his own soul, it was resistance against the coming of Islam," - wrote about him a major researcher, publicist Tarakty Akseleu.

Famous historian, Academician V.V. Bartold pointed out that: "Korkyt was the patriarch, media folk of wisdom. People still live with legendary aphorisms which attributed to Korkyt: "No matter how you decorate the ass - it won't be a Tulpar (horse), no matter how you dress the slave - she won't be a Hansha (queen)".

Many kui and melodies which were left by Korkyt live today. He was the founder of folk music on kobyz. Modern kobyz performers are followers of the Korkyt.

The memory about the great composer, poet and musician lives in Kazakhstan. The memorial Korkyt-Ata was built in the region Karmakchy (Kyzylorda).

The central part of the complex is a monument to "Singing pipe". It presents four kobyz which look at the four cardinal points. The monument was erected in 1980. The creators were architect B. Ybyraev and physicist S. Issatayev.

According to the creator of the complex, the architect, cultural studier Bek Ybraev, the idea of building came to him in the 70-ies of the last century during his expedition.

The monument "Singing tubes'' is a unique, set of tubes are located between four Kobyz, in which the blowing wind always plays the intricate music. The architect used an aerodynamic effect during the creation of this monument. The tubes are suspended to the ceiling in mazar, and blowing of steppe wind extracts the melody of the kobyz.

The restoration of the monument was carried out in 1997. In addition, there were created complex architectural amphitheater, hotel and other facilities. Also, the museum was created in 2000. All these objects were made a complex memorial of Korkyt-Ata.

"The Desire Pyramid" is an unusual structure that is the part of complex. It has a kind of symbolic meaning according to the tradition. It should be bypassed three times, and then take off shoes and enter inside the pyramid, ask the sky execution cherished desires. The amphitheater takes the attention of unconventional Muslim culture. As planned by Bek Ibraev, it would gather all who honor Korkyt, and compete in a throat singing or playing kui.

People commemorate Korkyt and consider him as a creator of kobyz and kui. Thousands of tourists visit the memorial complex Kokyt-Ata from Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries.

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