Monument to Abay and Pushkin is one of great examples of modern sculpture. It symbolized the century-old friendship between Russians and Kazakhs. The monument was set on December 16, 2006 in honor of Abay's year and Pushkin's year in Kazakhstan in the center of Petropavlosk in North-Kazakhstan region.

Abay and Pushkin lived and created in different epochs but they have much in common. They really were people's poets. Both were humanists and dreamers of enlightenment. Poets were related by spirits and because of it Abay loved and respected Pushkin's works. He translated his many works into Kazakh and handed great genius's works to the yurts in the distant districts. His works were handed down from mouth to mouth; «Tatiyana's letter», «Onegin's word», « From Lenski's monologue». Abay managed to make a bridge between cultures of two peoples.
2006 was announced as Abay's year in Russia and Pushkin's year in Kazakhstan. Interest to works of two classics aroused in both countries. The monument to a great son of Kazakh people – Abay Kunanbayev was opened in Moscow. In return a sculptural composition "Abay-Pushkin" was openedin Petropavlovsk.The monument was opened by the mayor of North-Kazakhstan region T. A. Mansurov. Its sculptor was Kazabek Satybaldin, and architects were Sultan Baimaganbetov and Valeri Zatay as their project won the contest.

The composition of sculpture consists of two figures – Abay and Pushkin which were connected with a symbolic tree of life. It divided epochs of these people's works and at the same time connected them as a symbol of eternity. Figures were founded from bronze in one of these factories of Almaty and raised on the strong granite pedestal. The monument is 7 m 40 cm high, the pedestalis 2,2m high. The monument was surrounded with orderly colonnade 50 meters in diameter.

The composition "Abay-Pushkin" was raised in the park zone of Petropavlovsk which is one of the best corners of regional center. Sculptural ensemble was opened on the Independence Day of the Republic and was a good present for the town and country also worthy to the end of the year of Abay and Pushkin and continuation of traditions of the time of good-neighborliness of two peoples.

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Expositional Complex of Abylay khan

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