Name of Aliya Moldagulova is important not only for Aktobe, but also for all Kazakhstan. She had shown unprecedented courage and fortitude, and who gave her life for freedom of the homeland.

Kazakhstan honors the memory of Aliya. Monuments and streets are called after her name. In addition, a memorial museum was opened in Aktobe.

The decision about creating the Memorial Museum of the Hero of the Soviet Union A.Moldagulova was accepted by order of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR on 5 June 1980.

The Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR gave an order to open the memorial museum of the Hero of the Soviet Union A.Moldagulova in Aktobe on 11 June 1980.

Then forming exposures and scientific-support fund of the future museum started their work. There was conducted a research and collecting works on collection and studying of materials, documents about the life and exploits of heroism, trips, military way of Aliya, letters and meetings with family, friends, soldiers and commanders, teachers and classmates of Aliya, war veterans.

Museum staff spent almost five years to collect the exposition of the museum exhibits.

The grand opening of the museum was on 22 April 1985, on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 60th anniversary of Alia Moldagulova.

Representatives and leaders of the city and region, military and veterans' organizations, relatives and friends, Aliya's fellow soldiers and commanders, pupils and students participated at the grand opening of the museum.

The grand meeting was held before the opening, where gave speech Sapura Moldagulova - Aliya's aunt and friend, and Head the region and veterans of the war. The right of opening the museum was given to S.Moldagulova, she shared her memories about Aliya's childhood and adolescence.

Alia Nurmuhambetovna Moldagulova was born on 15 June 1925, in the Bulak village of Hobda district, Aktobe region. After her mother's death, she was grown up in her uncle's family - Abubakir Moldagulov. Aliya spend her childhood and school years in Aulie-Ata, Moscow, and Leningrad. It was connected with the study of her uncle Abubakir in Moscow (Leningrad) Military Transport Academy. Uncle temporarily placed Aliya in boarding school of Leningrad with her agreement in 1938. Here Alia met the war. Aliya with other pupils was evacuated to Vyatsk village of Yaroslavl region with other pupils in time of heavy siege, 1942.

Aliya with other girls - volunteers was sent to study in female sniper school on 18 December 1942. She graduated the school on July 1943. Aliya was sent to the North-Western Front, and was in 4 Battalion of the 54th Infantry Division. Aliya participated in battles for liberation of towns and villages of the Pskov region at the end of 1943 to 1944. She destroyed 78 enemy soldiers and officers.

During the assault of Kazachiha village Alia died by making immortal heroism on 14 January 1944. Brave sniper Aliya Moldagulova was posthumously awarded with the title the Hero of the Soviet Union by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on 4 June 1944.

Exposure of memorial museum tells about the life of Aliya, her youth and studying time, fighting, everyday front life and her heroic deed. The museum presents more than 8 thousand exhibits, among them - letters from the front, a decree on awarding A.Moldagulova HSU, archival documents, materials and relics of the war years, military equipments and utensils, military uniforms.

There are many documentary memories of fellow soldiers, military letters, books, articles, essays, newspaper clippings and others in the collection of exhibits.

Museum guides explain very sensitive and in detail about the life and heroism of Aliya.

The priority of the memorial museum of the Hero of the Soviet Union A.Moldagulova is the collective, scientific-research, educational and cultural work. Memorial Museum of A.Moldagulova is recognized as a center of cultural and military-patriotic education in Aktobe for growing up generation.

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