Memorial of Kazakh epos hero - Koblandy batyr (hero) is located in Zhirenkopa village, Kobda district, Aktobe region. It was opened on 8 September 2007 at the burial place of legendary hero.

Koblandy batyr was a unique individual, not only in Kazakh history. It is an example when the legendary character, the hero of epics and legends becomes a historical person, who lived in the XV century and played an important role in the historical destiny of the whole region.

Koblandy batyr was considered as a fictional character for a long time. History about him is not getting old, akyns created songs about his heroism and unique feats for homeland glory.

Today, after repeated scientific investigations were known that Koblandy batyr was a real man, who lived in Altyn Orda time.

Koblandy batyr (karakypchak Koblandy) is a folk hero, commander. He was from the tribe of Kipchak, branch of karakypchak. He is usually called as a "karakypchak Koblandy" in epics and legends. It was also reported that he was a major military leader. The heroic epic of Kazakhs "Koblandy batyr" was dedicated to him. There are 29 versions of the epic. The most extensive version is by Marabay, which was a fiction work based on historical events.

The name of real people and places was in the epic. Koblandy batyr was presented as an invincible warrior in heroic epics and legends. Koblandy batyr did not divide his countrymen according to their tribes. He loved and defended all steppes without asking about their zhuz (tribes). As a youth, he was close to the head of the State Nomadic Uzbeks Abylkhayr Khan. When Koblandy batyr killed the Dayyrkozha (nickname Akzhol bi) in the desert, elders of Argyn tribe demanded to give the killer from Abylkhayr Khan. He refused them. This event was one of the reasons for sultans Kerey and Zhanibek to move to Mogolistan, where they formed the Kazakh Khanate. Koblandy batyr took a part in the political life of Nogay Orda. He participated on conquers to Kazan, where he fought with descendant of Edige bi - Alshagir.

The grave of the legendary hero is located on the territory of the Aktobe region.

The memorial complex of "Kobylandy batyr" was created by using elements of military thematic. The mausoleum is a circular building in the form of a military helmet, which was erected around the burial. Stones -menhirs were set on the way to the mausoleum as soldiers, who protect the commander. Near is located building, looks like military bow, where is a small museum and hotel for tourists.

Mausoleum has a dome shape. According to the architectural plan, the height of the dome with the crescent is 18 meters, the diameter of the mausoleum - 12 meters. At the entrance to the mausoleum are stone sculptures with height of 2 meters.

The tombstone "koytas" was installed inside with weight of 2 tons, height - 2 meters. "Koytas" was decorated by engravings ornament. Floor of the mausoleum was carpeted with granite. A golden figure of a bird Samruk was installed on the circle stone in the center, and it was surrounded with 8 lighted sculptures of leopards. This shyrak was made by analogical composition of Shyrak, which was located in the complex of Kozha Ahmed Yassaui.

Three silver-tipped spears were shifted in the center of the mausoleum. It was fixed by shield, which symbolizes the unity of the three zhuzs, who were ready to defend the homeland.

Brothers Kulmantegi, well known smiths from Almaty, created this composition with the height of 4m. The author of all memorial complex of "Kobylandy batyr" was academician of the International Academy of Architecture of the East, Honored architect of Kazakhstan - Bek Ibraev.

Image of folk warrior-liberator Koblandy batyr is immortalized in the monument for future generations of Kazakhstan. This memorial complex has become as a popular tourist place and attraction of the Aktobe region.

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