Regional Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre named after Sh.Kusainova began career on 6 March 1996. The curtain of the theatre was opened with the premiere of the play "Akan sery- Aktokty" by direction of Honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhakyp Omarov. The main troupe of the new theatre consisted of graduates-1995 of the Academy of Arts named after Temirbek Zhurgenov. Famous artist and owner of State Prize Murat Maksut made a significant contribution to the development of the theatre.

In 2006, the theatre celebrated its 10th anniversary, and in connection with this auspicious occasion actors of theatre such as Zh.Kaldarov, T.Konbay, Zh.Kusainova, K.Kalkataev, A.Zhunusova, K.Myrzabolatov honored the title "Madeniet kairatkeri". And on December of the 2011, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan, actors of the theatre Z.Arzymbetova and E.Dungenenov were also awarded with Honorary "Madeniet kairatkeri of RK".

Despite the relatively young age, the theatre already has significant creative achievements at international festivals and tours. In September 2001, troupe of the theatre won one of five awards at the International Festival in Egypt, which was evidence of high professional skills of the theatre.

In 2007, in connection with the Year of Kazakhstan in the PRC, the theatre gave a guest performance in China.

In June 2011, the theatre participated at international festival of classical art "Bosporus Agony" (Crimea) with the tragedy "Caligula, where it was awarded by a prestigious nomination "For the worthy embodiment of classics".

Actors of theatre became winners at the national festival, which was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Ilyas Omarov. It was held on 1-5 October of 2012 year in Kostanay.

The arrival of the famous artist, laureate of the State Prize Murat Maksut made a great contribution for the development of the theatre. Today, the artistic director of the theatre is K.Kasymov. The theatre’s staff has 140 people.

Troupe mainly consists of young and talented actors, who recommended themselves as talented actors in a short time of work: Zhakilina Gulmira, Mustanov Eltay, Bukeshova Marzhan, Palymbetov Mukhit, Baymamyrova Ayman, Batihan Zulkapil, Klyshbaeva Rizat and Khamzin Medet.

The repertoire of the theatre presents a variety of productions, among which are the classic works of Camus 'Caligula', dramatic works of A.Orazbekov "Bir tup Alma agashy", "Atau Ker" by O.Bokey, "Ar zhane Aқsha" by T.Kazhybay, "Kar koshkіnі" by T .Zhyuzhenoglu, "Adamdar men tyshkandar" by D.Steynbek, "Akan serі - Aktokty" by G.Musrepov, 'Mazar' by K.Yskak and Shakhimarden, comedy of O.Bodykov "Uilengіm kelmeydі", "Kelіnder koterіlіsі" by S.Ahmad, "Aukatty aiel” by Ali Amir, "O, kyzdar" by S.Raeva, "Otyz ulyn bolgansha…" by O.Ioseliani and others.

Theatre festivals are traditionally provided based on the theatre. So, first theatre festival was held in 2004, which was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the famous writer Saken Zhunusov.

The third Regional Theatre Festival was organized in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Akmola region, in 2009. Theatres of North Kazakhstan, Kostanay, East Kazakhstan region, Astana, Theatre for Young People (Almaty) presented their productions at this art celebration.

There was the first experimental lab -festival of theatrical schools with the participation of youth theatres of Kazakhstan and Russia in Kokshetau on 20- 22 May 2011.

The theatre is constantly working on expanding the repertoire, delighting audiences with each season and new stage.

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The mausoleum of Kabanbay

The mausoleum of the famous Kazakh commander Karakerei Kabanbay is one of the well-known sights of Kazakhstan. It’s located in the territory of the rural district of Kabanbay batyr, Tselinigorad district, Akmola region, in 4 kilometers of north-east from the village of Kizilzhar and 20 kilometers to south from the city of Astana.

Botogay Mausoleum (XI-XII centuries)

Botagay Mausoleum (other names Bytygay, Tatagay) is an architectural monument of the XI-XII centuries. The mausoleum is located on the left bank of the Nura River, 2 km to the east from the Korgalzhyn village, Kurgalzhynsky district, Akmola region.