Regional Philharmonic of Gaziza Zhubanova deserves a special attention among the numerous foci of the cultural life in Aktobe. It is one of the first Kazakhstan Philharmonics which was opened in the difficult war years. Kazakh folk music and world classics were sounded for the first time in the Philharmonic Hall on September 1944, since 70 years creative Philharmonic teams delight music lovers with professional performance of great music.

Aktobe Regional Philharmonic was named after a prominent musical figure of Kazakhstan, the National Artist of the USSR, composer Gaziza Zhubanova for the undoubted artistic success in 1998.

Over the years Honored artists of Kazakhstan such as R.Akzharova, G. Koishybayeva, T. Ospanov, J. Seilov and others worked in Aktobe Regional Philharmonic.

The regional Philharmonic of Gaziza Zhubanova was moved to the former House of Culture of chemists by decision of Head of Aktobe region in 2002. The building carried out major repairs and reconstruction in 2004, after which it is suited to all modern standards for the preparation and holding cultural events at the highest level. Now Philharmonic has a luxurious auditorium with more than 400 seats. The scene of the hall is equipped with modern sound and lighting equipments. Each team has an opportunity for daily activities in the rehearsal halls of Philharmonic.

The main mission of Philharmonic of Gaziza Zhubanova is to promote national music, which was going to depth of history of the Kazakh people.

The staff of Philharmonic consists of Kazakh orchestra of folk instruments, chamber choir, chamber orchestra, "Akku" dance group, an ensemble of classical music, and children's studio "Cas".

Kazakh folk instruments orchestra was established in 2003. Artistic director of the orchestra is the chief conductor, honored worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professor, composer K.Kozhanbaev.

In January 2007, the Kazakh folk instruments orchestra was named after Ahmet Zhubanov. The repertoire of orchestra has folk kui, works of Kazakh and foreign composers. A. Zhubanov Orchestra has won the Grand Prix at the International festival of orchestras and ensembles of folk instruments "Europe-Asia-2007" (Russia Magnitogorsk).

Chamber Choir is one of the leading choral groups, not only in the Aktobe region, but also in the whole Kazakhstan. Choir director is A.Imuhambetova. The choir's repertoire is regularly updated with new works by local and foreign composers. Touring chamber choir is provided in all cities of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. It is the winner of the International Festival of Choral Music "Zhubanov koktemі - 2007" (Aktobe).

Dance Ensemble "Akku" was created in 2000. Artistic director is Honored worker of Kazakhstan G.Mambetova. The ensemble was awarded the first degree of the International Festival "Shabyt 2003" in 2003 (Astana). The staff of the ensemble became the winner of the Republican contest after Sh.Zhienkulova, winner of international festivals in the Crimea, Turkey, and participated in the International Folklore Festival, which was held in the capital of Syria, in Damascus.

Classical Music Ensemble under the control of Marat Aitimov is an association of soloists, which has different voices and different speaking techniques. Artistic director of the ensemble is M.Aytimov. In creative terms, the staff of the ensemble along have a high professional skills, and greatly expand the repertoire by works of Aktobe and Kazakhstan composers, editions of Kazakh folk melodies, the masterpieces of Russian and Western - European classical music. The ensemble consists of leading soloists, winners of international and national festivals and competitions such as Marat Aytimov, Svetlana Aitbayeva, Zhaylau Asylhanov, Zhuldiz Nurkasymova and others.

Children's Studio "Saz" was opened in 2006. Artistic director of the studio is N. Malinovskaya. Vocal ensemble, dance ensemble, children's choir, dance group, pop-brass ensemble and the ensemble of Kazakh folk instruments are functioning in the studio "Saz". Despite his young age, choreographic ensemble "Saz" won the Grand Prix, and Kazakh folk instruments ensemble studio became the winner of the II degree at the International Festival-Competition "Aynalayyn-2006."

Each team of Philharmonic of Gaziza Zhubanova can be told for a long time, but it is better to come and see performances and get acquainted with the original and talented creativity. Philharmonic Hall is always open to all lovers of music.

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