A unique building is located in the historic center of Pavlodar, where is a monument of wooden architecture, symbolic museum of art and literature of Bukhar Zhyrau.

The building of the museum was built in 1897. Today it is recognized as the most beautiful monument of wooden architecture in Kazakhstan. It has a curious story about the construction of architectural monument. It is known from the history of Pavlodar that well-known philanthropist, merchant Fattah Ramazanov started to build a mosque. But constructors had made serious violations. According to canons of Islam, entrance of the building should be directed to the East, and there was a deviation of few degrees. As a result, another location was chosen for a religious building. However, the merchant did not stop the construction. So, this beautiful carved building appeared in the center of Pavlodar.

An amazing museum of art and literature of Bukhar Zhyrau was opened in a unique building, 1992.

The new museum was named in honor of the eminent countryman of residents - poet and thinker of the 18th century, personal advisor of legendary Abylaykhan - Bukhar Zhyrau.

Exhibition, which is dedicated to Buhar Zhyrau, regularly operates in the museum. Many visitors come to museum first time and learn about how multifaceted personality was this man.

The exposition of the museum takes more than 290 square meters area. There are 3720 exhibits in the basic fund. Museum staff has 29 people.

An extensive collection of the museum is located in eight spacious and comfortable rooms.

Hall of folklore reflects all national Kazakh folklore and folk art - songs, tales, legends, proverbs, and other creations by unknown folk authors. Kazakh people memorized small and large events of history in songs and verse, immortalized their joys and sorrows in legends. "Folk Song .... is a true distinction and spontaneous expression of people's soul, encyclopedia of knowledge, religion and philosophy".

One of the main halls is devoted to ancient Turkic writing and leading figures of the middle ages, such as H.Dulati, Zh.Balasaguni and others. Writing problem is an origin problem of the culture. Ancient Turkic writing had appeared in the 15 centuries before the Cyrillic alphabet, and 10 centuries before the Georgian and Armenian letters. Kazakhs as the other Turkic people are proud of ancient written sources.

Exhibitions of the “Hall of contemporary literature" acquaint you with the work of poets and writers as R.Tohtarov, K.Idrisov, M. Alimbaev, K.Isabaev, A.Shamkenov, A.Zhaksybaev, M.Zhamanbalinov, Dm.Priymak and others.

Hall of "Literary Friendship" attracts interest of visitors, especially poetry lovers. The hall has a workroom fragment of Vsevolod Ivanov - Russian writer, who was born in the village of Lebyazhe, desk, chair, and closet were brought from chalet of Peredelkino. There is an exposition of A.Sorokin works – writer of various genres. Works of N.Chernova, P.Vasilyev, N.Vakker, R.Pflyug take a great interest of readers with poems.

Hall of "Art" introduces visitors musical talents of Pavlodar region - composers and singers, who have made an enormous contribution to the development of Kazakh music. With the creation of singer-composers Zhayau Musa, Yestay Berkimbaev, Mayra Shamsutdinova and artists as a K.Bayzhanov, B.Zhylkibaev, Sh.Aymanov, K.Kenzhetaev, S.Abuseitov, K.Strunina, I.Chistyakov, F.Mironova, Sh.Musin, M.Bayzakova.

Museum staff is always welcome and happy for acquainting tours and thematic lectures in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

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The Pavlodar regional museum of history and local history after G. N. Potanin was founded in 1942 on the base of regional section «Society of study Kazakhstan».

The Pavlodar regional museum of history and local history

The Pavlodar regional museum of history and local history after G. N. Potanin was founded in 1942 on the base of regional section «Society of study Kazakhstan».

Pavlodar regional art museum

Pavlodar regional art museum was found in 1964. The museum grew out of the art department of the regional historical museum. The collection basis of the museum included 46 works from the Kazakh State Art gallery named after T.G.Shevchenko.