The museum of the famous Kazakh poet Kokbai Zhanataev is situated in the area Takyr of the East Kazakhstan region. The museum was opened in the mosque-medrese in 1997 and it is a branch of the National Park Museum of Abay. The museum was fully reconstructed and a new exhibition was created in 2011 with the celebration of 150th anniversary of the poet, it introduces visitors the history of the mosque and medrese, and mainly the life and work of the poet. A special place in the museum is devoted to pedagogical activity of Kokbay Zhanataev. The museum's collection is rich with original documents reflecting the stages of the poet's life, his school and community activities, work and personal life. Among the archival documents:"Statement on progress and behavior of students of Semipalatinsk district school", where the future poet studied; "Petition to the Governor", written by the poet in 1901 when he was a mullah in Mukur parish, copies of the newspapers "Semipalatinsk oblastniye Vedomosti" of 1891 and 1893 years, brought from the archives of the State Library of Moscow, orders of the appointment of K. Zhanataev as a Mullah for two three-year period (from 1891 to 1893 and from 1893 to 1896 years) were printed in these newspapers. The most important item of the museum is an authentic manuscript of the poet. Special attention is given to the theme Kokbay Zhanatai and Alash figures. The copies of two historic photographs of Kokbay Zhanataev with the leaders of the Alash Government are disposed here, the originals of these photos are stored in the collection of the State Museum-Reserve of Abay. Several archival documents describing poet's social activities in the Semipalatinsk county zemstvos in 1917 are presented. The exhibition is supplemented with Kokbay's poem dedicated to Alikhan Bukeyhanov and aitys-contest with Mirzhakyp Dulatov. Educational activity of Kokbay Zhanataev deserves a special section in the museum, the information about the students of his medrese, furniture that was in the room etc. is presented here. The materials about the descendants of the famous poet are also demonstrated here.

Religious and ethnographic section of the museum deserves special mention, Muslims' worship place - mihrab is demonstrated in detail, and the section of the exhibition is supplemented with Mecca views and philosophical poems of K.Zhanataev. "Medrese student corner" where a rich ethnographic material is presented is placed in a separate hall.

Kokbay Zhanatayev is a poet and disciple of the great Abay, successor of his tradition in the Kazakh literature. He was born in Takyr, Mukur parish, Semipalatinsk district in 1861. Kokbay Zhanatayev was Abay's friend and colleague. Friendship between a young poet and Abai begins in 1880, he was loyal to him and never parted with him. This friendship lasted 25 years. It is worthy of note that Abay distributed some of his poems on behalf of the young friend. Abay's poem "Summer" was published in the newspaper "Dala ualayaty» №7 from 1889 on behalf of Kokbay Zhanataev. As a scholar of literature Kokbay Zhanatayev left an invaluable mark in Abay studying. M.O.Auezov noted Kokbay's remarkable contribution into the history of Kazakh literature, it was him who was able to memorize many poems of Abay, and subsequently, he managed to record and renew their original texts. Kokbay Zhanataev's creativity is multifaceted: aitys, epigrams, poems, dedication poems. He has a lot of poems dedicated to "Ospanov", "Arip", "Dutbai", "Zhaksylyk", "Musazhan" etc. In his many works such as "to Dutbai", "to Musazhan", "Semey saudagerlerіne" ("to Semipalatinsk merchants"), he acts as a witty satirist and exposes the hypocrisy and bribery. Kokbai Zhanataev's extraordinary ability to improvise appeared primarily in aitys-singing competitions. Kokbai's contests with the popular poet and his friend Arip Tanibergenov, Kempirbay akin, Musagaly, Zhuniskhan were broadly known. The poem "Sabalak" ("Abylay") is Kokbay Zhanataev's one of the most important works. The idea of the poem is the struggle of the Kazakh people against Zhungars led by Ablaykhan who had united the Kazakh tribes in the 18th century.

Kokbay Zhanatayev was not only a poet and literary critic but also a great teacher. In 1901, he opens a medrese, which eventually had been working for more than 20 years until 1922. More than 300 people were educated in this school. Some talented students continued the tradition of their mentor and teacher Kokbai Zhanataev, and well-known poets Tahir Zhomartbaev and Esentai Berdin were among them.

Kokbay Zhanatayev's museum is located in the East Kazakhstan region, Abay district, Kokbai aul, the workers of the museum are always open to welcome their guests and introduce them with their rich exposition.

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Eastern Kazakhstan regional museum of fine arts named after the Nevzorov’s family

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