There is a museum in a small and very picturesque village Presnovka of the Zhambyl district, North-Kazakhstan region. Lovers of literature from all over Kazakhstan and neighboring countries frequently visit it. Memorial museum of the famous writer, translator and journalist Ivan Petrovich Shukhov has become a cultural and literal landmark of whole the North Kazakhstan region.

Literal and Memorial House - Museum of I.Shuhov was founded on 21 December 1981 (after adoption of the relevant decision of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR). Writer lived and worked in the house for many years. This house was built in 1942 by request of I. Shukhov on the shore of the Pitney Lake in Presnovka village. It is a spacious one-story building with an attic. The house is a historical and cultural monument with local importance. Total building area is 117 sq., 104 square meters of which is exhibition space.

In addition, there are a large lakeside garden and an office building area of 137.9 square meters on the territory of estate, which store artifacts and documents collected by villagers and relatives of the writer.

Ivan Shukhov was born on 6 August 1906 in the Presnovskoy Village of Petropavlovsk County. As a boy, he traveled a lot with his father on the Kazakh steppe, which later captured in his autobiographical "Presnovsk on pages", stories and novels, romantic novels.

I.Shuhov was educated at Petropavlsk pedagogical College, and then studied at the Workers' faculty in Omsk and at the Literary Institute in Moscow. Since the late of 1920s, the future writer was a journalist. Shukhov supervised the work of the national literary and art magazine "Prostor" for eleven years, which was a significant phenomenon of the cultural life of the country in 1960-1970 years. It had readers and gave a ticket to lives of many Kazakh writers and poets.

I.Shuhov spent his childhood with Gabit Musrepov and Sabit Mukanov. He perfectly spoke in the Kazakh language. Later he translated books of his friends into Russian, such as Mukhtar Auezov, Malik Gabdullin and Gabiden Mustafin.

The first novel "Rodina" by I. Shukhov was published in 1935 and later novel "Present army". During the Great Patriotic War, the writer worked as an editor in the Presnovsk regional newspaper, and he wrote a patriotic tale "Letters to Siberian Cossacks". New books "The conquerors of the virgin lands", “Golden depth” and "Celline's everyday life" published one after another in the beginning of the 50s.

Ivan Shukhov had done a lot for the development of literature, journalism and culture of the local area. His works have left a trail in the history of Russian literature of Kazakhstan.

Visitors can be acquainted with the biography and works of the famous poet, writer and journalist, and with the history of region in the memorial museum.

The exposition of the museum is located in the four thematic halls, which is divided by time intervals. The first hall tells the basement of Presnovk village as a defensive fortress in 1752. The second hall tells about formation of the province of Soviet power, and events related to the Civil War. The third hall presents years of the World War II. The fourth hall is dedicated to the development of Celline and fallow lands in the province.

In the halls of the museum recreated a room of the writer. When visitor enter there, it seems as the time stopped, and the writer left the room: wooden parquet of that time, the jacket on the back of the chair, glasses on the table.

Exposition of the house museum is based on the literary heritage, art, government activities and life way of I. Shukhov. Here visitors can see: paintings "Sabit Mukanov is visiting I.Shuhov" by M.Amanzholov, "Shukhov among the heroes of his works" by V.Starkova, "Portrait of I.Shuhova" by G.Kaydash and paintings of V.Manzi, all of them were donated to the museum.

The total number of exhibits is 3867 units. They are based on photographs, newspapers, letters, books from personal library of I.Shuhov and his personal belongings.

A separate part of the exhibition tells the story of friendship among I. Shukhov, G.Musrepov and S.Mukanov.

Memorial museum annually provides Shukhov reading, to which invite poets, writers and public figures. Theatrical performances are also provided by involving regional folk groups, folk Cossack Choir and many others. Literary meeting hall is open in the house-museum, which is dedicated to local writers and poets of North Kazakhstan.

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