Address: Kairat village (Zhambyl region), Abay str., 1 "b".

Memorial museum of Baurzhan Momyshuly is located in Zhualinsk district, Aksai region, the village Kairat, Abay street 1 “b". The construction of the museum began in 1990. Solemn opening of the museum was held on May 5 of 1995 and it became available to be visited.

Baurzhan Momyshuly is known as military officer and literary man. He was the member of the 316-th rifle division led by major general Panfilov Ivan Vasilievich during the Great Patriotic War from September 1941. Thanks to his skilful directions and personal courage, the battalion under his leadership, during three days, disputed the enemy's advance on Volokolamsk road at the village Matrenino. Until the end of the war he fought in different divisions and by 1945 had the rank of the colonel of guards. He came down in history of military science as the author of tactical maneuvers and strategies, which are studied in military universities up to now. He read lectures on tactical preparation during his visit to Cuba in 1963. In literature, he is famous for his works as “The history of one night", “Moscow is behind us", the novel about general Panfilov “Our general", book-chronicle “Psychology of war".

The total area of the museum is 349,8 sq.m. The area of the building is 259,4. The building is made of bricks. There are 2074 exponents in the fund of the museum. 1200 exponents are demonstrated in the exposition. Among them – photo-collage, composed of the photos of Baurzhan Momyshuly, his military uniform, clothes, which he wore in peace time, the things that he used, albums, dombyra, bed, the objects from his working cabinet and books.

One of the halls of the museum is dedicated to heroic fight of Panfilovs on approaches to Moscow and contains a lot of materials about the history of this legendary division. The other wing of the museum tells us about post war life of Momyshuly and his authorship. His working cabinet, writing table with the German typewriter “Underwund", the statuette of eagle, the chair, the chandelier, the carpet are also placed here.

In 2011, the relatives of Momyshuly, in particular his daughter-in-law Bauke Zeinep Akhmetova, gave the museum new exponents: the albums with Kazakh ornaments, where Baurzhan painted for his grandchildren, the collection of mouthpieces, the bust of Cuban revolutionist Hose Marti, brought by Baurzhan Momyshuly from Cuba and many other things.

Nowadays, the museum does scientific and educative work. Exhibitions, excursions, lectures, conversations, musical-literary evenings for local pupils take place in the museum. It became a tradition to send off recruits to army from the museum. On Baurzhan Momyshuly's birthday, the locals of the region lay flowers at the monument of Baurzhan and hold various patriotic-educative events in the museum.

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