The mausoleum of the famous Kazakh commander Karakerei Kabanbay is one of the well-known sights of Kazakhstan. It’s located in the territory of the rural district of Kabanbay batyr, Tselinigorad district, Akmola region, in 4 kilometers of north-east from the village of Kizilzhar and 20 kilometers to south from the city of Astana. The mausoleum was built in 2000 by Akzhayik Saumenov, architect, on presumable burial place of the legendary batyr (warrior).

Yerasyl Kabanbay was born on banks of the river of Syr Darya presumably in 1691. He lost his father and brother in childhood. They died in Junggar invasion. In adolescence years Kabambay joined fight against Junggars. For his courage and bravery the was given many nicknames: Izbasar – successor of his father’s mastery, Narbala – young strongman as one-humped camel,

Daraboz – the distinctive among the equals, Kaban – disrupter of enemy’s peace. One of them finally became his name. Kabanbay led defense of Turkestan, the capital of the Kazakh Khanate. Also he commanded Kazakh army in such important battle was Bulaty (1729), Anrakay (1729), Ili (1730), Shagan (1735), Shorgy (1740). He won battles near the lake of Alakol in 1725, near Shubarteniz and northern bank of the lake of Balkhash in 1728. After the warrior’s death in 1770 a yurt was constructed on the place of his grave. Later his relatives built a mazar. It was on that place until the 50s of the 20th century, but was deconstructed in reclaiming virgin lands.

The 25-meter mausoleum was built in the burial place of Kabanbay in our times. Total area of the building is 41,3 square meters. The mausoleum was constructed of high-quality red bricks. It includes styles of steppe and Iranian architecture. Roof of the monument resembles the Kabus towers, monument of the beginning of 11th century. The mausoleum has a peculiar lighting, entrance and brilliant star-covered basement of the roof. Overall the architecture tried to reach the effect of flight over space. It was reached by narrow horizontal holes near foundation. Nomads were used to lift edges of yurt to air inside. The form of the monument reminds warrior’s helmet underlining that the building was ereted in honour of the batyr. The monument includes modern and traditional aspects of architecture.

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