The mausoleum of Ibray Altynsarin is a monument on the burial place of famous pedagogue and educator. The monument is located in 7 kilometers from the town of Kostanay on the right bank of the river of Tobol. It was constructed in honor of eminent pedagogue and educator, scientist and ethnographer, poet and writer, publicist and famous activist in the sphere of education. Ibray Altinsarin was a very educated person and paid great attention to people's education. He opened the first people's school, issued “Kazakhskaya khrestomatia" (“The Kazakh chrestomaty"), wrote books on researching Kazakh language. As a writer he was well-known by is his works “Sin bogacha I sin bednyaka" (“The son of the rich and the son of the poor"), “Kipshak Seitkul" (“Seitkul the Kipchak"), “Dom is koshmi and dom is dereva" (“The house of felt and the house of wood").
He was competent member of the Russian Geographical Society in the town of Orenburg. By order of this society he prepared and issued reports and articles on Kazakh ethnography.
The mausoleum on the place of his grave represents portal-dome type building of red bricks. A granite plate was placed on the grave of the educator.

Ibray Altinsarin died in 1889 and was buried near the lake that was named as “inspectorskyi" (“inspectorial") in his time. On September 10, 1947 executive board of town council of people's deputies in the town of Kostanay made resolution on “On preservation of the burial place of the leading Kazakh educator Ibray Altinsaron". In 1961 in honour of 120th anniversary of the famous pedagogue granite plate was placed on the place of this burial. In 1991 when Kazakhstan celebrated 150th anniversary of the educator the mausoleum was built around the granite plate. The opening of the mausoleum was held on July 22.

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