The mausoleum of Ibragim Ata is an architectural monument on the grave of Ibragim, famous preacher. It is situated on high hill in outskirts of the village of Sairam, on the road to the village of Aksu. Initially the mausoleum was built in the 16th-18th centuries, but rebuilt in the 19th century after it crushed down. In the 50s during powerful earthquake the dome of the mausoleum collapsed and later was restored in another place.

Ibragim Ata was a father of famous sufi Khoja Akhmed Yassawi. He was a spiritual regent and eminent local preacher. In the 9th century Siaram was a centre of expansion of Islam. Many spiritual teachers, mentors and scientists lived in the city. Ibragim Ata originated from noble family and was a successful agricole. There were legends about his holiness and gift of a preacher. Ibragim Ata helped poor people, lived pious life and preached Islam among thousands of followers.

The mausoleum represents a single stage square construction. The area of the mausoleum is 7,2x7,2 meters, height of it is 8,25 meters. The building is two-level with one premise. The entrance is in southern part, the window encased in wood frame is in western part of the building. Inner walls are plastered; floor is made of bricks and covered with clay mixed with cement. After the dome collapsed in the 50s the roof of the mausoleum was plastered with white plate tin. The dome with spire was places in the center. In north-west and south-west part of the mausoleum there are portals with shallow vaulted holes. The mausoleum situated on roadside was under threat for a very long time. There were allocated finances for relocation of the nearby road and strengthening basement of the mausoleum. The road was relocated to 20 meters aside.

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