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The Literary and memorial museum of Zhambyl Zhabaev was opened in 1947 by decision of the Government of Kazakhstan in the house where the famous poet lived the most part of his life. Zhambyl Zhabaev is one of the most famous akyn-improvisers in the history of Kazakhstan who left big heritage in the history of aytis. He was famous as a inimitable expert of Kazakh folklore who popularized oral arts. Zhambyl left big poetic heritage.

After his death the Union of writers of Kazakhstan applied the Government a petition on perpetuation of memory about the poet and establishment of the House-museum. Thus the farm house of Zhambyl became a museum in accordance to the process of how the house-museums of A.S.Pushkin, V.Mayakovskyi in Moscow is organized.
The museum of the poet is located in the house surrounded with big garden. The mausoleum was constructed in the garden where the poet is buried. The house was preserved in initial form with all items of interior and custom. Every item has got a direct relation to life of the akyn and reflects certain stage of his creative life.
The portrait of Suiunbai made by A.Kasteev symbolizes the respect of Zhambyl to Suiunbai, his teacher and famous akyn. Suiunbai noticed the talent of young poet and devoted some poems to Zhambyl.
The exposition of the museum represents the dombra of the great akyn. Zhambyl was used to contest with this instrument in various aitys with well-known masters of his time – Kulmambet and Dosmaganbet. The pictures depicting these contests are also displayed in the museum. Part of his poems Zhambyl devoted to national and liberatory uprising of 1916. Unique portrait of Amangeldi Imanov, the leader of the uprising, is also displayed in the hall. The portrait was made by K.Naurizbayev, sculptor. There are many items in the hall devoted to participation of Zhambyl in the first decade of Kazakh arts in Moscow. The collection of state awards of Zhambyl including deputy mandates, the Order of Labour Red Flag, the Order of Lenin are also interesting.

Showpieces of the museum also reflect one of the most important period in life of the poet – military times. Zhambyl devoted many poems to defenders of Motherlans who fought in the battles of the Great Patriotic War. They were included in the collection “Poems of military years" that is stored in the museum. The clock in the room of Zhambyl shows 7 hours 55 minutes – time when heart of the poet stopped.

On the eve of 150th year anniversary of the poet the Literary house-museum of Zhambyl was totally restored by the decree of N.Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan.

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The literary and memorial museum of Zhambyil Zhabaev

Regional Literature Museum named after I.Zhansugirov

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