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The regional historic-local museum of Kostanay was opened on August 1, 1915 by the decision of Kostanay City Council. By this time, for many years, the local historians, ethnographers and the members of Orenburg department of the Russian geographical society have collected a rich material on history, economics, culture of the area. The museum is located in the small wooden house. Initially, the exhibits of the museum were, mainly, visual aids in zoology, botany, geography, astronomy. The museum exposition is refilled with everyday objects, stuffed animals, and antiquities, found during excavation of burial mound. Since the 20s the museum had no permanent building and financing, during that period, its existence was maintained by only few employees-enthusiasts, who independently traveled through the houses of area, collecting exhibits. In 1925, it was presumed the initial formation of Weapons and Photo documentary collections of the fund on history of revolutionary events and civil war of the region. Since 1936 the museum had the status of regional, and from January 1937 it had received a permanent office in the city center on Lenin Str., 60, in the building, which was built in the twentieth.

It is formed by three departments: nature department, history department, social construction department. Throughout all history of the museum its employees actively participated in the various studies. In the 30s of the twentieth century, having visited the region, they collected valuable information on agriculture of the area and presented them at the first exhibition. At this time, it was opened a living corner in the museum, was the prototype of exotarium, which was opened later. In 1995 the museum moved to a new building – a monument of civil architecture of the early twentieth.

Currently over 109 thousand exhibits are stored in the exposition of the museum. The museum funds are presented by rich paleontological, botanical, zoological and entomological collections. Among the archaeological values, stored in the museum, the finds of the Stone Age, Bronze era and early Iron Age are of a special interest. Remarkable works of primitive art are famous all over the: stone sculpture — «Tobolskiy myslitel» (The thinker of Tobol), the altar with the head of argali, on the top of the sacrificial hammer «Molot–bog» (Hammer-the god).

The ethnographical collection, formation of which the museum pays a special attention, incorporates one of the best jewellery collections of Kazakh jewellery masters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and a fine collection of national suits. The clothing collection presented Kazakh women's and girl's costumes and models of gold sewing, the suits of the Russian peasants of Moscow and Kursk provinces, the Mordovian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Mari, Khakassian costumes.

Art collection - consists of about 4 thousand of paintings, drawings and sculptures of the founders and leading masters of Kazakh fine art, includes works of artists: Abylkhan Kasteev, Nikolay Gavrilovich Khludov, Zhanatay Shardenov, Gulfayrus Ismailova, as well as the famous artists of Russia, Ukraine, and the Caucasus.
The museum displays a lot of exhibits, reflecting the history of the area and culture of its people. The exhibition “We are people of Kazakhstan" includes rare archive photographs, collection of national costumes and household items, reconstructed interior of Kazakh yurta and the houses of Slovenian emigrants and other exhibits. The interior of the city apartment of the late nineteenth century is displayed at “My native city" exhibition. “History of Kostanay region" exhibition displays the objects, connecting with the life of the Kostanay people during the Great Patriotic war, their participation in the development of virgin and fallow lands, the development of industry, construction, and improvement of the city
n 2006-2008, it was resumed large-scale archaeological research of the region.
Employees of the museum regularly organize interactive projects and special actions, thematic evenings, aimed at popularizing the history of the region and museum collection, attracting new visitors. Among them fascinating folklore holidays are distinguished such as “Nauruz", “V gostyakh u skazki" (In a Fairy Tale), “Christmas-tide", the annual interactive event “Night at the museum", youth competitions. Particular attention is paid for the rights of visitors to manifestation of freedom and creativity in the museum area.

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Kostanay regional memorial museum named after Ibray Altynsarin

Kostanay regional memorial museum named after Ibray Altynsarin was opened on the 9th December 1991, by order of the Head of the State Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan on culture E.Rakhmadiev.

Lisakovski museum of history and culture of the Upper Tobol region

Lisakovsk is a small provincial town in Kostanai region of Kazakhstan. Lisakovskiy museum of history and culture of the Upper Tobol region occupies a special place among the attractions of the city. The museum is young and located in modest area in spite of a rich collection of exhibits, which tell the historical development of the region in detail.