One of the first public sovereign theatres in Kazakhstan is Kazakh theatre named after Zhusipbek Aymautov. The theatre is located in Pavlodar, Lomov Street 140.

Counting of Kazakh national theatrical art history in Pavlodar should start from 1938, when the Kazakh Drama Theatre was opened on the basis of drama circle club named after Kuibyshev, Irtysh river sailor. The first performance was a comedy of Mukhtar Auezov- "Aiman-Sholpan". However, despite the well-established repertoire and popularity of the theatre, it was closed after ten years.

The theatre was revived after forty years. It reopened on 7 December 1990. The debut season was also launched with the "Aiman-Sholpan" (directed by the honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, State prize laureate RK Ersain Tapenov), which is Kazakh classics that have become a trademark of the theatre.

In 1990, Honored Worker of Culture, winner of the State Prize, chief director Ersain Tapenov, Setzhan and Rose Tazhibaevs, Alma and Sansyzbay Bekbolatovs, Amangeldi Zhuke, who came from Karaganda and Mukhtar Manapov from Zhezkazgan participated in creation of the Zh.Aymautov theatre by invitation of Head of the Pavlodar region. Later, the theatre was full of talented graduates from the Kazakh Art Institute. The leading actors are Mukhtar Baizhumanov, Talzhibek Atambet, Imangozha Bakytbek and others.

After opening, the theatre immediately was taken the name of Zhusipbek Aimautov. The staff and residents of Pavlodar agreed with great pleasure to name the theatre in honor of their great countryman.

Zhusipbek Aymauytov – talent man, a poet and playwright, who had made an invaluable contribution to the development of literary prose and the Kazakh language.

Zh. Aymauytov left a rich literary heritage. He is the founder of the genre of novel and drama in modern Kazakh literature. His writings differ with ideologically, aesthetic richness of colors, artistic presentation of skills, expressive language and elegance of style. His poems such as "Hello Sary-Arka", "Nomad", "Jamila", "In the bottomless deep", novels "Kartkozha", "Akbilek", stories "Kuniki’s blame", stories and dramas, children's books, literary critical articles "Poets after Abay", "Poetry of Magzhan", "About translation" - all of these works have made a significant phenomenon in the history of the Kazakh literature.

Perhaps, the main thing, which unites Zh.Aimauytov with theatre - is that he was the founder of the Kazakh theatrics. He was not only organized the first theatre groups, but also he was a part of it. He set a play "Rabiga" in Semipalatinsk on 17 December 1917. One of the most prominent of his dramatic works is "Sherniyaz", which is dedicated to Sultanmakhmut Torajgyrov, and it addresses the problem of the relationship among cities and villages.

Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre named after Zh.Aymautov celebrated the 20th anniversary in 2010. It becomes one of the best theatres in the country over the years, and proved that rightly bears the name of the great Kazakh dramatist.

Today, the repertoire of the theatre contains works such as ancient Greek tragedy «Medea" by Euripides, "King Lear" by William Shakespeare, "The Seagull" by Chekhov, "Filomena Marturano" by Eduardo de Filippo, "Enlіk - Kebek" and "Karagoz" by M.Auezov, "Kyz Zhibek" and "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu" by G. Musіrepov, "Silva" by I. Kalman, "Die Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss, "Arshin - Malalai" by U.Hazhibeyov, "Mayra" by A. Tazhibaev, "Khanuma" by A. Tsagarely, "Mother's Field" by Ch.Aitmatov, "Malaysary Tarhan" by Zh.Artykbaev and performances of plays by Kazakh dramatists K. Muhamedzhanov, T.Ahtanov, S. Zhunusova, A. Tauasarov, A. Tarazi, D. Isabekov, S. Balgabaev and others.

Theatre successfully toured in Moscow, Leningrad, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Almaty, Astana, Petropavlovsk and Taldykorgan. It became a participant and winner of the VII International festival of creative youth "Shabyt" and VII-XX International Festival of Experimental Theatre in Cairo.

Performing on the stage Honored Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan M.Manap, R.Tazhibaeva and artists S.Tazhibayev, S. Bekbolatov, T.Atambek, M.Baizhumanov, D.Uyabay have become very popular in the country and have been loved by audiences.

Graduates of Theatre Academy of T. Zhurgenev update the troupe each year.

Symphony Orchestra works in the theatre. Conductor is B.Rakhimzhanov, vocal coach-A.Alekseeva, accompanists - I.Voronin and N. Karibzhanova, choreographer - B. Isabekova.

Honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize E.Tapenov is Artistic director.

Each season of Zh.Aymautov Theatre readies to delight audiences with new performances. It is open for audiences who sincerely love the art.

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The mausoleum of Ibragim Ata is an architectural monument on the grave of Ibragim, famous preacher. It is situated on high hill in outskirts of the village of Sairam, on the road to the village of Aksu.