Regional Museum of Fine Arts has a special place among the museums and cultural attractions of Karagandy, it is interesting primarily for its rich and unique exhibition. The creators and managers of the museum managed to collect an amazing collection, and this is despite the fact that the museum has a relatively short history.

Karagandy Museum of Fine Arts was opened in September 1988 by the Order of the State Committee for Culture of the Kazakh SSR. Originally the museum existed as a department of fine arts of the Regional Museum, but just one year later in 1989 it was awarded the personal status of the museum of fine arts.

Today, the museum has a rich collection of art and all of its funds are classified into following sections: painting of Kazakhstan; painting of the CIS; Graphic arts of Kazakhstan; Graphic arts of the CIS; bookplates; decorative and applied arts of Kazakhstan; arts and crafts of the CIS and far abroad; Sculpture of Kazakhstan and Russia.

The museum's collection was assembled gradually due to the enthusiasm and efforts of many people. Initially the basis of the collection consisted of works donated by the artists of Karagandy, later the museum was supplemented by works donated by various organizations.

So the works of famous artists of Kazakhstan: A. Kasteev, A. Galimbaeva, G.Ismailova, K.Telzhanov, L.Leontev, E.Sidorkin, S. Mambeev and many others came from the DHV of Kazakhstan. As the result of big works and creative contacts of the museum the collection was refilled with the works of numerous associations of the century – paintings of the representative of OST S. Luchishkin, beautiful works of Moscow artist I. Ruban, graphics of D. Mitrokhin created in 1930-40s, panel prints of 1905 by I. Nalus etc.

Great interest of visitors and professionals in the field of art is attracted by the collection "Forgotten Names", telling about Soviet artists who lived in Karagandy in 30-50 years. They are the works of the artist from Moscow S. Ivashov-Musatov - apprentice of the painter classic Mashkov, painter and teacher P. Friesen, the former director of KMII named after Pushkin, artist V. Eifert, world-renowned watercolorist A. Fonvizin, watercolorist, book illustrator L. Hamburger, master of lyrical landscape L. Usaytis and P.Grabbe who has technology of art scraps of paper at his fingertips.

The magnificent collection of Bookplate deserves special mention, it is obtained thanks to the world-famous museum connoisseur of this art form, the art critic and collector C. Ivenskiy. His exhibitions are very popular not only in our country but also abroad.

The following artists should be marked among the authors of unique bookplates - well-known Russian artist A.Ostroumova-Lebedeva, the member of the World Organization of drawing artist Kalashnikov, many foreign masters - Otto Fail, Gerard Goduen, the Italian Remo Wolf, renowned worldwide for high quality of his printed graphics.

Karagandy Museum of Fine Arts holds a lot of work related to exposition and exhibition business. Traditional reporting exhibitions of the Union of Artists of Karaganda, personal, competitive exhibitions, commemorative, themed, memorial and many other occasions take place here. The museum collection is constantly updated with new outstanding exponents, and its doors are always open for all art lovers.

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