Ereymentau historical museum can not be attributed to a large and widely known museums in Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, this small and cozy regional museum has a good collection of exhibits telling about the history of this region and about the glorious Kazakh warrior Bogenbay Batyr. The museum is located in the heart of the village, in a spacious one-story house, which is a historic building of the late 19th century.

The opening of the museum was on July 1991, and it was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the birth of the legendary warrior Bogenbay batyr. In those years, this date was celebrated throughout the Republic. Guests from near and far abroad were invited to this celebration in Ereymentau district. Opening of the museum was in a festive atmosphere. The first director was T.Shushanova.

From the first day after the opening, the museum has become one of the main attractions in the city. There was another significant event in 1999, the museum was named after the legendary Bogenbay batyr.

Bogenbay batyr was one of the largest Kazakh military leaders of the XVIII century, who was commander of Abylay khan era. As commander, he gained enormous prestige and respect among the Kazakh soldiers, and they called him "Kanzhygaly Bogenbay". Together with batyrs as Olzhabay, Kabanbay, Malaysary and others, he fought for the independence of his people by showing courage on battles with Dzhungars, and battles for liberation of their land from the Chinese invaders. Bogenbay together with Abylay Khan led the battle for the liberation of the capital Turkestan and the Sauran city from Dzhungars and banished them far from the Dzhungar-Alatau Mountains.

Especially proud of regional inhabitants is the fact that the President Nursultan Nazarbayev was in the museum in 1999. He visited the historical museum and learned the history of the area, and thanked the museum staff for their work. The President left the book for the memory with his sign and other valuable gifts.

Since then, there were many guests in the halls of the museum including famous people of the country. They are poet and politician Mukhtar Shakhanov, National Artist of Kazakhstan Kairat Baibosynov, The Hero of the Soviet Union Ya.Kiselev, Member of the Parliament of Kazakhstan S. Zhalmagambetova, Deputy of Mazhilis V.Kotovich, and numerous foreign guests from Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Turkey and other countries.

Museum of Ereymentau District is listed in the catalog of the National Historical and Ethnographical Museum. The exposition of the museum houses four halls. They are divided among themselves according to their room category of paleontology and archeology: Hall of ethnography, Hall of Fame, Hall of Kazakh warriors and Hall about the regional history.

In general, the fund of the museum has over thousand exhibits; the vast majority of them are exhibited in halls and available for visitors.

A separate part of the exhibition is dedicated to the works of local artists and folk artists. Museum staff works hardly to identify and support talented artists and craftsmen. As part of the museum was organized solo exhibitions of local artists as a Z.Sergienko, A.Ladura, A.Otyutskoy, S.Rahimzhanov, Sh.Kyzyrov, A.Kyzyrova and S.Zhilkibaev. Moreover, there are provided exchange exhibitions with museums of Ekibastuz, Stepnogorsk and Astana.

Museum employees paved route and organized scientific expedition to study the historical and archaeological monuments of the Ereymentau District. According to results, expedition report was prepared, which was subsequently read at the scientific council of museum workers in Kokshetau.

Museum staff conducts regular tours in exposition halls. In addition, they organize monthly evening meetings, "round tables", talks, lectures, providing advices and counseling pupils, students on implementation of research projects. The Museum maintains a close relationship with the Board of regional veterans. They provide activities with participation of veterans and schools, where is ethnographical regional studies.

Museum doors are always open for those, who desire to learn more about the history and about the past of the area, and to visit interesting exhibitions of artists of applied arts.

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Museum of Nature

The state institution "State National Natural Park "Burabay" was created by the Government Decree № 1246 from 12 August 2000. The total area of the national park is 83,510 hectares, 47.4 thousand hectares of which is forest. National Park is an environmental public institution, which is in the system of protected areas with national importance. 

Literary Museum of I.Esenberlin

A small town Atbasar is located in Akmola region, which is closely connected with the name of a famous Kazakh writer Ilyas Esenberlin. Atbasar is the hometown of the writer. He often came here to visit his compatriots. Literary Museum of I.Esenberlin was opened in his homeland, 1999. His son actively participated at the opening ceremony of the museum.