One of the main attractions of the entire Shuchinsk-Borovsky resort is a memorial expositional complex of Abylay khan. The complex was opened in the Burabay village, in 2009, at the foot of Mount Kokshe, in a place that was known as a historical field of Abylay khan. According to ancient legends, here was located the rate of one of the outstanding figures of Kazakh statehood, a wise leader of the Kazakh Khanate. The project to create a historical complex was carried out by initiative and support of Administration of the President of Kazakhstan and the party "Nur Otan".

Exposition complex includes three main objects: stele Abylay Khan, historical hall and kymyzhana.

One of the most popular objects of the complex is the throne of Abylay Khan. It presents a stone of natural origin. According to popular belief, it is a sacred place. Many tourists visit the shrine, and go around the throne seven times, as soon as this number is considered as a happy number of Kazakhs, so they make a wish, and believe that it will come true.

Abylay khan field is a unique monument of nature, which is characterized by a special microclimate. Here a special activity of sunshine and an abundance of biologically active ultraviolet rays are observed, which rejuvenate the human body.

Entrance to the historical hall is guarded by two sculptures of historical figures such as Bayan-batyr and Kozhabergen Zhyrau. Visitors can find interesting expositions in the hall, which tells about the great Abylay Khan and his role in history. There are exhibits telling the council of war before the "Pylynyi holod" (Dusty cold), war maps of the Khan, his biographical data, legends and songs about him, layouts of the army. The colorful panel "Reception of ambassadors" is highlighted. There was an image of Abylay on his throne, and clergy settled on his right hand, on the left - warlords. It is about how the great khan met his ambassadors, who had arrived from China, Bukhara, Russia.

Visitors' attention is attracted by information stands as "The great Kazakh steppe and Russia", "The great Kazakh steppe and China", which are devoted to Abylay khan's companions such great Kazakh bies -Tole bi, Kazybek bi and Aytike bi.

N.A. Nazarbayev's quotation about Abylay Khan and his role in history is on the information stand, which is devoted to the Independence of Kazakhstan: "To know the history of Abylay khan is the task not only for Kazakhs, but also for all people of Kazakhstan". Natural decoration of the exposition complex serves as a magnificent panorama of mountains "Kokshe", "Okzhetpes" and "Zhumbaktas".

Abylaikhan Stella is located at the foot of the famous Kokshe Mountains, which was established in 1991 in honor of the 280th anniversary of Abylay khan. The monument is an octagon and inscribed in a circle. The octagon represents not just a side light, but also grace, which is propagated in all directions according to Kazakh culture. It claims grace in perpetuity by conjunction with circle. Historical continuity of the public service of Kazakhstan is claimed in the monument, and Abylay Khan was praised as one of the combiners of the Kazakh people. The entire monument is such a whole symbol of the motherland that connect people, nations. The height is 35 meters, and its faces are decorated with gold ornaments in the form of stylized arrowheads. Proportions emphasize the expression of future tendency.

Exposition Complex of Abylay khan was conceived as a multifunctional space, which perform educational and ideological functions. Annually, million people visit the complex. Each of these tourists touches to the great historical personality of Abylay khan, and guides inform them about the rich historical past of Kazakhstan.

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"Residence of Abylay Khan" historical-memorial complex

The decision to open the memorial complex was accepted in 2005 by initiation of the Head of the North Kazakhstan region, and with support of the President of Kazakhstan. Nursultan Nazarbayev familiarized with archival and historical materials, and then he noted that the restoration of this historic building would be an important event in the conservation and study of the cultural heritage.

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