The names of many really and truly great scientists are connected with Taraz: Kashgari, Dulati, Balasaguni, Said al-Tarazi, and the academician Skryabin can be placed in line with these pillars of science of the East Middle Ages. Significance of his work is priceless, and his name is well known among scientific circles around the world. Konstantin Ivanov Scryabin was born in 1878 in Saint-Petersburg, in 1905, he ends up Yuriev Veterinary Institute with honors and goes to Shymkent where he works as a simple district veterinarian. Two years later, he asks to send him to a more remote area - the city of Aulie-Ata (now Taraz). Here he was seriously engaged in scientific work which subsequently brought him a worldwide fame. Having become a world-renowned scientist, Scryabin didn't forget Kazakhstani Aulie-Ata (Taraz), where he began his avenue to the big science. He called the city as a cradle of helminthological science. For his outstanding scientific achievements Skrjabin was elected a honorable member of many foreign academies and scientific societies - Czechoslovakia, Poland, Ukraine, USA, UK, Belgium, India, and other; full member (academician) of several foreign academies - Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia.

The house-museum of the Academician K.I. Skryabin is located in the heart of the city Taraz at the intersection of Abay and Askarov, it was opened in 1962, during the lifetime of the great scientist. I.K.Skryabin lived in this building from 1907 to 1911, working as a veterinarian of Aulie-Ata. The museum consists of the main body and helminthological laboratory, the laboratory was reorganized as a department of All-Union Institute of Helminthology (VIGIS) in 1980.

The house was renovated on the 100th anniversary of the scientist in 1978 and its area was landscaped, I.K.Skryabin's monument was established in the yard. A memorial plate is placed on the main facade of the building, and the second memorial plate, installed in 1978 by participants of the jubilee conference devoted to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the helminthological science, is located on its side.

Many of the exponents of the museum are incomparable – the library, rare photographs and manuscripts, were gifted by the scholar himself, and later by his relatives.

The house represents a room of a typical Aulie-Ata construction of the early 20th century. Single floor, almost square in plan (10 x 12.6 m), built of hand formed brick, plastered and whitewashed. The facades are decorated with simple rods. The house consists of six rooms, which contains personal belongings, documents and materials related to the life and work of the scientist, the interior of his study is reconstructed; works of the Academician included in the golden fund of Soviet and world science are represented, stand with samples of anthelmintic agents. in the Soviet period, the house-museum of Scryabin was included in the all-Union itinerary of tourists as a tourist attraction.

Today, the building of the house museum is guarded by the Republic of Kazakhstan and put into the list of attractions of international touristic itinerary.

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