"Kulanshi" Center of Contemporary Arts was established in Astana, 2006. The Centre presents contemporary fine art gallery, which is located on the sixth floor of the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation («PYRAMIDE» - the project of Norman Foster).

During seven years of existence, "Kulanshi" did a great job on promotion and advancement in the field of the contemporary art. The main initiator of the creation of the center and head of this center is a Kazakh artist Leyla Mahat.

In the exhibition halls of the center (which occupies over 1,000 square meters area), in recent years have been held exhibitions of artists from all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and artists from the United States, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, India, China, Russia, France, Turkey, Georgia, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Germany and Spain.

Exhibition activity of the center is organization of exhibitions of local and foreign artists with minimum period - once for every month. International Curatorial Council of the "Kulanshi" Centre considers potential projects without any territorial restrictions. Experts of fine arts and exhibition curators of Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Spain and Israel consider works of each artist (or creative team) for the organization of exhibitions that based on the performance of professional level of artists in accordance with the concept of the center for the promotion of fine arts. The Centre regularly holds exhibitions of contemporary fine arts - «Art Club Kulanshi», cultural projects of Kulanshi Art Club partners from Europe.

The permanent exhibition of the "Kulanshi" Center is exhibited paintings of famous artists from Portugal, Turkey, Germany and Kazakhstan. "Kulanshi" Center of Contemporary Arts actively cooperates with the Dresden State National Gallery (Dresden Staatlicshe National Galerie) and the famous Berlin Center of Contemporary Arts (Art Center Berlin).

One of the main achievements of the Center is that the permanent "Kulanshi" exhibition has rooms of print graphics, which present original lithographs of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall. Visitors can also see available graphical works of Rembrand van Rein and Albeht Durer in exposition halls, which were restored by German restorers.

Exhibitions were held on the walls of the Centre, and accompanied by serious research. It should be noted that each project of the Center requires series of theoretical and practical master-classes. Young Kazakh artists have a wonderful opportunity to explore different techniques of writing and graphic performance by adopting skills from famous artists of the world.

Art studios for adults and children are working in the center. Each interested person can attend and get a knowledge of drawing, painting and composition. Today, the Center has following studios: Academic art studio, Development studio of children's creativity, Studio of acting and Studio of photo-art.

All activities of the "Kulanshi" Centre aimed to develop the culture and art of Kazakhstan. It aims to maintain visual arts, and to make it understandable and accessible for public.

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