The White Mosque is one of the interesting monuments in Pavlodar region and one of the oldest buildings in the city of Pavlodar. It is located on 138, A. Margulan street. The architecture of the mosque is unusual. Small building resembling an orthodox church overarched with minaret (minaret replaces bell tower, wide dome replaces five-head). After Voznesenskyi church was demolished, the mosque remained as only temple and the highest building in the district center of Pavlodar.

In 1901 wooded buildings of the town including the mosque were burnt. In 1905 stone mosque was erected in the place of the old mosque by finances of Fatach Ramazano, local merchant. It was overarched with minaret, spire of that had silver moon. Mullah read namaz from this minaret during many years. The mosque was painted in white color therefore it was named “The White Mosque". The new stone building was surrounded with ennobled square and fences.

In 2005 in the year of the mosque's centenary restorations and capital repair were conducted in it. After one year the renewed mosque opened its doors for all people.

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The White Mosque

Auliekol Hillfort of the XIII - XV centuries

Pavlodar Priirtyshe is an interesting and important area for archaeological research. Many monuments are evidence of it, which were left by our ancestors. According to scientists, some of monuments refer to Paleolithic era. Auliekol is one of the unique archaeological cities, which is located in Ekibastuz, ​​Pavlodar region, from 50 km to the north-west of Ekibastuz, at the confluence of the Olenty river into Auliekol Lake. 

Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre named after Zh.Aymautov

One of the first public sovereign theatres in Kazakhstan is Kazakh theatre named after Zhusipbek Aymautov. The theatre is located in Pavlodar, Lomov Street 140.