One of the main attractions of Bayanaul is the Memorial Museum of Academician K.Satpayev. Residents of the city are proud by their countryman. The museum is a popular place for residents, and excursions certainly recommend in these place for all visitors.

Memorial Museum of K.Satpayev was organized on September 1964. It was a small exhibition, which collected on voluntary basis. After 3 years, in 1967, the museum had received an official status, and was undertaken by the state.

The museum moved to a new building in 1973. Building of the museum was renovated to the 90th anniversary of academician K.Satpayev in 1989. Administrative offices, storage facility and cinema with 60 seats were built in addition to the building. Memorial museums of M.Zh.Kopeev, S.Toraigyrov and separate buildings, which were built in 1993, become as a branch of the museum. Today, the total area occupies 643.1 m2.

Personal belongings, original documents, photos, materials, research of the life and work of academician K.Satpayev were the main collection in exhibition. Due to the staff efforts, museum collection was replenished with variety of newspapers, magazine materials that tells the history of Bayanaul and Pavlodar region. Today, the museum's collection includes more than 3000 different items, most of which are exhibited on the stands, and it is available to visitors.

The ethnographic and literary-memorial departments were opened by decision of the Head of the museum in 2002. The museum was filled with new three halls: hall of scientists, hall of poets, writers, artists - Bayanaul natives and ethnographic hall.

Stands of 10 academicians and more than 30 scientists - doctors, professors are exhibited in the hall of scientists.

Stands in the hall of poets and writers talk about the life and work of the poet, anthropologist, philosopher Mashhur Zhusup Kopeev, a composer and singer Zhayau Musa Baizhanov, the poet-democrat S.Toraigyrov, a film director and actor Sh. Aimanov, writers Kalmukan Isabaev, Zeytyn Akishev and others. In order to enrich the museum staff continues to correspond with families and friends of these people. The museum recently added personal belongings and books of the daughter K. Satpaev - Shamshibanu Satpaeva, who is a doctor of philological sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the author of numerous scientific publications.

Ethnographic hall presents unique exhibits. They are objects of everyday life and decoration of the Kazakh national yurt. Here also exhibited handmade of local resident - Master Berdalina Zabira: tekemet, syrmak, alasha, tuskiiz and other things. Collection work of interesting and creative works of regional folk artists constantly provides here.

In 2013, the Memorial Museum of Academician K.Satpaev celebrated the 35th anniversary from the foundation day. By this date, there was done many works on updating exhibits, which tells about the life and work of the great scientist of Kazakhstan - K. Satpaev. Each exhibit of the museum illuminates scientific discoveries in detail, which was made by the first geologist of our country.

The museum does a great educational work, and traditionally held Satpaev readings on the eve of the birth of the great scientist. Three thousand people visit the Memorial Museum of K.Satpavev each year. It is constantly updated with new exhibits.

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"Schafer House" - the only Museum of records in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Almost any guest of Pavlodar to the question: "Where to go? And what sights to visit in the city?" hear an answer: "Visit the Shafer house; it is a unique place". So, why this museum is a unique and with the original name "Schafer House"? The first - it is the only post-Soviet space museum of records, moreover, many experts argue that there is not any equal museum in the world to "Schafer House" museum with the biggest collection of records.

The Pavlodar regional museum of history and local history after G. N. Potanin was founded in 1942 on the base of regional section «Society of study Kazakhstan».

The Pavlodar regional museum of history and local history

The Pavlodar regional museum of history and local history after G. N. Potanin was founded in 1942 on the base of regional section «Society of study Kazakhstan».