The creation of Atbasar historical museum obliged to amazing woman Klara Amirkyzy Amirova, who collected many exhibits, and carried all organizational work on the creation of this museum.

The museum was opened on 25 November 1978, and local people immediately loved it.

The exposition of the museum located on the ground floor of the famous building in the beginning of the twentieth century. This building was built in 1911, and it becomes historical and architectural monument. After the revolution, it was housed by the first county revolutionary committee, which was headed by the Commissioner S.Razin and N.Videneev.

The museum occupies the entire first floor, and № 2 Atbasar Library was on the second floor. After fifteen years, in 1993, the city authorities decided to give both floors of the building to the museum.

Initially, the whole exposition of the museum consisted of four rooms, and it expanded their collection due to the hard work of employees. There were halls of Atbasar history, life and culture of the Kazakh people, the natural wealth and beauty of the region, the Soviet government, the epic and so on.

Today the museum is located in 12 halls and occupies the entire area of the two-storey building. There are 9642 exhibits, 5367 of them are original exhibits. All of them are presented to visitors in the halls and are divided into the following sections: flora and fauna; culture and everyday life of Kazakh people; ethnography; history of the region from 1914 to 1937; Atbasar - rear city (1941 - 1945); development of the land; modern Kazakhstan.

Most of the exhibits are devoted to the history of Atbasar and famous residents: war and labor veterans, heroes of various wars and ordinary workers, who have done a lot for the development of the city. The museum has pictures of local people, one of them - Kazakh revolutionist Adilbek Maykutov. Education paramedic A. Maykutov did so much for improving health and life of local people during the Civil War, then he was shot by Kolchaks ...

A separate stand of exhibitions tells an interesting and little-known fact. Here is a picture of famous monument in Germany, where is Soviet soldier with a German girl in his arms. Next photo of a tall man, whose name was Ivan Stepanovich Odarchenko. He was a war veteran and a resident of Atbasar, who was sculptors’ prototype of the legendary soldier of the Red Army.

Saulet Balgazin is working as a Director of Atbasar Historical Museum for twenty years. He was a disciple of the founder of the museum - Clara Amirkyzy.

Over several decades of work, the museum staff conducted more than two thousand trips, and delivered 861 lectures, organized over two hundred exhibitions. All various forms of the museum work covered more than 200 000 people.

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