A unique museum "Rukhaniyat" is located in Aktobe. It is the first and the only museum in Kazakhstan, which exhibits tell about the origin of world and traditional religions.

According to subject, the location of the museum is symbolic. It is located in the basement of the main mosque "Nur Gasyr", total floor area is more than 800 m2.

The museum was opened on 8 December 2011, which was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main idea of the "Rukhaniyat" museum is the supporting of peace and harmony of world and traditional religions, and increasing cultural and spiritual development of all sectors of the region's population.

The main subject of the museum is the implementation of scientific-educational, research and educational activities, and the identification and acquisition of museum objects and museum collections of the history religion and studying, public presentation of using primary sources of religion, which will be included religious objects and books of scientists and theologians.

The purpose of the "Rukhaniyat" museum is supporting the peace and reconciliation of world and traditional religious, and increasing cultural and spiritual development. In addition, the museum is an international, spiritual and cultural center.

The central exhibition of the museum demonstrates materials about the history of Islam. Here visitor can find interesting information about the biography of the Prophet Muhammad, various ceremonies of Islam. The sacred books, manuscripts, amulets, jewelries, clothes, beads, household items, weapons with Koranic texts, paintings, lithographs, engravings and modern reproductions are presented in the hall of museum.

In addition, the museum presents biographies and works of Kazakh educators, including: Ahmed Yassaui, Asan Kaigy, Abay Kunanbayev, Shakarim, Myrzhakyp Dulatov, Shokan Valihanov.

A separate exhibition tells the story of foundation and spreading of Islam in the territory of modern Kazakhstan and Aktobe region. Here are photos of Muftis and religious leaders, Islamic educational institutions, etc.

Each item has its own unique history: bricks ruins of mosques, original Korans of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, zhaynamaz, models of shrines and prints of imams. There is even a replica of the staff of St. Becket-Ata in the collection.

The next section of the museum is linked with the birth of Christianity and main directions: Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism.

A separate exhibition tells the story of Buddhism. Here visitor can see a statue of Buddha, layouts and images of Buddhist temples, miniature, and depicting scenes of enlightenment deities, monk's robes and others.

The staff of the museum consists of professional experts-theologians and workers of culture. They are always ready to tell about museum exhibits, and provide services for general and thematic tours.

Director of the "Rukhaniyat" museum is Bolat Atraubaev. He is known designer, artist, specialist of culture in the region.

The museum is very young due to efforts of the staff it has a large collection of exhibits. The main fund continues forming and growing.

There is conducted research work on the collection of information materials in accordance with the established concept.

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