Aktobe museum of art and decorative crafts has thirty-years old history. It was opened on 2 July 1981 by decision of the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR. The museum was worked as a twentieth branch of art exhibitions' directorate of the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR, and had the status of Aktobe regional art exhibition hall.

The first exhibition, which was held in the new hall, called "Art of Kazakhstan". It immediately gained popularity among art lovers in the Aktobe region.

A new stage of the museum life began in 2006, when SI "Aktobe Regional Art Exhibition Hall" was transformed into SI "Aktobe regional muzeum of art and decorative crafts" by the decision of Head of the Aktobe region.

The museum moved to a new renovated two-storey building, which was located in the heart of Aktobe in 2003. The new building was specially designed for museum's need, where was a space for permanent and temporary exhibitions.

In connection with this long-awaited event, new museum of exhibition was presented on 2 November 2013.

The followings were presented to visitors at the presentation:

- Exhibition of Aktobe artists, which was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Exhibition of artists' work from Nizhny Tagil, Russian Federation. "From Ural to Mugalzhar"

100 works of 42 artists were presented in the exhibition. Particular attention was taken by famous paintings of Nizhny Tagil trays. Painted colors and trays is an ancient Russian fishery. 21 Copyright trays were presented at the exhibition.

- The exhibition of the museum presented works of famous artists of Kazakhstan and Aktobe.

Today, Aktobe regional museum of art has a fund, which has more than 4,000 art works of different genres. There are works of contemporary fine and decorative arts of the Aktobe region and Kazakhstan, graphics and bookplates from international exhibitions.

The museum becomes the center of attraction of new cultural initiatives at present time. It allows the art museum to organize personal and joint exhibitions by artists of Aktobe, and traveling exhibitions of Kazakhstan artists and other countries. It attracts interest of audiences.

The main purpose of the museum of art and decorative crafts is exhibition and exposition's work, development of professional and contemporary fine art in all genres in order to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the Aktobe region, and cultural traditions, promotion and popularization of folk art museum treasures.

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The Aktobe regional areal museum

The Aktobe regional areal museum was founded in 1929 on the base of shcoll museum by the initiative of local scientists. Initially the museum employed only one person. The first director of the museum was D.Temushko. The museum moved to various premises for a very long time until the repaired building of the former hospital was given to in 1965.

Regional Memorial Museum of the Hero of the Soviet Union Aliya Moldagulova

Name of Aliya Moldagulova is important not only for Aktobe, but also for all Kazakhstan. She had shown unprecedented courage and fortitude, and who gave her life for freedom of the homeland.