Theatrical history of Aktobe began after opening of the Kazakh theatre, back in 1935. The first Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre was opened by suggestion of National Commissar T.Zhurgenov in Aktobe. Kazakh classics such as "Enlik - Kebek", "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu", "Amangeldy", "Kiz Zhibek", "Issatay Mahambet" and other performances were staged under the leadership of theatre's director G. Omarov from 1936 to 1941. Unfortunately, Kazakh theatre was closed in 1941, because of beginning of World War II.

The first attempt to open the Russian theatre referred to 1943, whereas the evacuated Dnepropetrovsk Music and Drama Theatre was here. Head of DMDT helped raise troupe, which was composed by joined group of Ust-Kamenogorsk, headed by director N.Kurgansky. It was closed in 1948, because of the post-war period.

Almost 20 years Aktobe lived without theatres. Finally, in 1965, Russian Drama Theatre was opened in the building of the regional House of Culture. The theatre gave first performance - "Between the showers" based on A. Shtein on January 1966. It was choreographed by director B.Vinogradov. The attention of repertory was devoted to Russian and foreign classics.

However, despite the urgent need, there was not Kazakh theatre. Only in 1992, Kazakh theatre was reopened on the basis of the regional drama. The first director of the Kazakh theatre was Korlan Bolekov, and producer - Dikhan Zhalekenov. The first actors of theatre were: M.Ilyasova, S.Amankulov, D.Kusainova, M. Muzbaeva, Sh Bakidzhanova, T. Zhandybaeva, E. Kemal and others. The first season of Kazakh troupe was opened by performance of "Kushіk kuieu" by T.Ahtanov on 18 July 1992.

In 1997, the theatre was named after the Kazakh playwright Takhaui Ahtanov. Two acting troupes (Kazakh and Russian) were combined into one - Aktobe Regional Drama Theatre by decision of the regional head in 1998. More than fifteen years, two companies successfully operated and cooperated under a common roof.

Success of the creative team took many awards and prizes. Russian troupe was laureate of the II degree with the play "Butterflies are free" by L.Gersh at the national festival in Pavlodar, 1996. Kazakh troupe became the winner of the National Theatre Festival with a performance of "Aiman-Sholpan" in 2000.

The artist of theatre Eltay Kemal was a winner of the XVII International Youth Festival "Shabyt" for performing the main role on "Arpalys" by M.Mukataev in 2004. Producer S.Wittih was a laureate and took prize for the best debut on staging "Merciless as the heart" by D.Banal at Republican festival in Kyzylorda, 2005. The Kazakh troupe became laureate of the Republican contest in the nomination "The best fairy tale" by "Bala Mergen" of K.Zhetpisbaeva in 2007.

Director A. Faizulin took a diploma for play "Marriage" by N. Gogol at the national festival in Aktau, 2008. Aktobe Theatre presented a play "The House of Bernard Alba" by F. Lorca at the IV international theatre festival in Central Asia (Almaty), where actress Raisa Teleuova became a winner in the nomination "Best Actress" (for the role of servant Ponce) in 2012.

In recent years, the theatre has achieved great success and proved that troupe can do the wildest creative tasks. The following stages are successfully delivered: "Bіr tup Alma agashy" by A.Orazbekov, "O, kyzdar" by S. Raev, "Nightingale night" by V.Ezhov, "Hey, Mustafa Mustafa!" by I.Savvin and Zh.Tashenov, "Armanymnyn ak kusy" by L.Tabukashvili, "Pannochka" by N.Sadur, "Marriage" by N.Gogol, "It's a simple story" by M.Lado, "Marriage of Bal'zaminova" by Ostrovsky and others.

New spectacle "Tectonics of the senses" has a great success by audiences of Aktobe, which is performed on the same play of E.Shmitta under direction of Kubanychbek Adylov (Almaty). The premiere of "Tectonics of the senses" was held on 1-2 March 2013.

In 2010, the theater had a large-scale reconstruction in which was re-installed a new theatrical equipment, hall and foyer of the theatre were renovated. It has become more modern and comfortable for audiences and actors.

Aktobe regional Drama center of T. Ahtanov continues to develop the artistic traditions, creatively develops the classical heritage, uses the advancements of modern performing arts and enriches culture.

Theater leads a creative life. Almost every year the repertoire is replenished with 5-6 new productions, which are invariably enjoyed the attention of theatergoers. Over forty million viewers visit the theatre each year. The staff of the theatre is always happy to welcome Aktobe residents and visitors.

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Memorial Complex of Ahmet Zhubanov

Memorial complex of Ahmet Zhubanov is located on one of the busiest squares in Zhilgorodok, Aktob, opposite to Regional Philharmonic named after the composer's daughter - Gaziza Zhubanova.

Regional Memorial complex of Kobylandy

Memorial of Kazakh epos hero - Koblandy batyr (hero) is located in Zhirenkopa village, Kobda district, Aktobe region. It was opened on 8 September 2007 at the burial place of legendary hero.