Akmola Regional Russian Drama Theatre was opened on 28 October 1977. The founders of the theatre were Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ya.Kuklinsky and the director Yu.Lakomov.

Almost 40 years, the theatre delights audiences with interesting performances of talented artists. Over the years the theatre has achieved great success, and the repertoire has many performances, which were awarded with diplomas, medals and honorary diplomas:

"Favorite" by D.Iyesh (1980) - Festival of Hungarian drama; "Women of Niskavuori" by H.Vuoliyoki (1981) - Festival of Dramatic Arts of Finland in the Soviet Union; "From three to six" by A.Chhaidze (1984) - winner of the Republican review of performances on a modern theme; "Autumn investigator" by G.Danailov (1988) - Festival of Bulgarian dramaturgy.

Numerous plays were performed on the works of Russian classics: "Seagull" by Anton Chekhov (1983); "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoyevsky (1988); "Inspector" by Nikolai Gogol (1986).

Theatre repeatedly turned to the Kazakh national drama theme- "Poem of love" by G.Musrepov (1978), "House in the Steppe" by S.Zhunusov (1979), "Oath of Shokan" by Sh.Ualikhanov (1982); "Okzhetpes" by O.Zhanaydarov according to the poem "Kokshetau" by S.Seifullin (1994).

Nowadays, the repertory of the theatre has many performances, which are marked by diplomas and awards of prestigious national and international festivals - "Night Star" by O.Zhanaydarov, directed by Yu.Kokorin - Diploma at Republican theatre festival in Astana (2005); "The Queen of Spades" by Alexander Pushkin (2006) directed by Yu. Kokorin - Diploma of the Eighth International Festival of Russian Theatres of CIS and Baltic countries "Meetings in Russia" in St. Petersburg; "Aladdin's Magic Lamp" (2006) directed by O.Lutsiv - Diploma at XIV Republican festival that dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Ghoul" by A. Tolstoy - Diploma at III International Festival of Russian Drama Theatre "Compatriots" (2008), Saransk.

Akmola Regional Russian Drama Theatre is a pioneer in the genre of rock - opera in Kazakhstan. In 2004, rock opera "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare staged on talented composer E.Terehinoy's music. Today, it is still a theatrical hit, which is demanded and achieved success by audiences. More than forty thousand audiences from Astana, Karaganda and Petropavlovsk were at this performance.

The most important event on history of the theatre was the 25th anniversary in 2002. On the eve of anniversary, the theatre received a welcome gift - a new modern house with two theatre halls with 200 seats and a multifunctional hall with 150 seats. New scene is equipped with all necessary lighting and sound equipments, and building has comfortable dressing rooms and rehearsal rooms.

The staff of the theatre has 114 people. Year after year, the theatre delights audiences with performances of talanted actors such as V.Grechannikov, V.Krylov, N.Sleptsova, L.Skuratova, V.Ovchinnikov, A.Krasnoshtanov, N.Dzhunusova, E.Lukyanova. Demanding audiences also love an interesting play of young generation, actors as Zh.Amreeva, D.Bronnikov, A.Malitskaya, A.Vladimirov, O.Krylova, N.Bondarenko, S.Tavgen, P.Van.

The theatre troupe is always looking for new, creative repertoire in order to please audiences. The theatre does not forget about the young audiences, and decades already became traditional "Theatre is for children and young people". Pupils of specialized agencies and children from low-income families can attend for free. Charity performances are organized for audiences from poor families.

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Memorial complex of the great Kazakh bard Birzhan-sal

Architectural and memorial complex in honor of the poet and Kazakh composer Birzhan-sal was opened on 14 September 2012. A small town Stepniak of the Akmola region is considered as the birthplace of the great bard. Here is a grand structure, which is becoming a major local landmark. 

The mausoleum of Kabanbay

The mausoleum of the famous Kazakh commander Karakerei Kabanbay is one of the well-known sights of Kazakhstan. It’s located in the territory of the rural district of Kabanbay batyr, Tselinigorad district, Akmola region, in 4 kilometers of north-east from the village of Kizilzhar and 20 kilometers to south from the city of Astana.